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Miriam Adelson was born Miriam Farbstein in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1945 and currently holds an influential place both domestically and abroad. A physician specializing in addiction treatment, Miriam has fortified herself into one of the premier figures on both continents through medical expertise, political influence and immense wealth – however one might wonder: Who exactly lies beneath these titles and how did her journey bring about such status today?

How Did Miriam Adelson Build Her Fortune?

Miriam Adelson currently boasts an astounding net worth of an astounding $32.8 billion as of November 2023, placing her fifth in America and first among Israeli women worldwide. Much of Miriam Adelson’s fortune comes from her ownership of Las Vegas Sands as part of Sheldon Adelson’s legacy; yet how has Miriam managed such vast financial peaks in her lifetime?

After Sheldon Adelson died in 2021, Miriam took control of Las Vegas Sands – marking an enormous shift in her career path. How has she adjusted to this new role and managed one of the world’s premier casino companies?

Adelson made headlines recently for becoming majority owner of the Dallas Mavericks by purchasing them from Mark Cuban for $3.5 billion, in what many see as an unexpected move. What drove Adelson’s major sports investment, and does it fit within her larger business strategy

What Fuels Miriam Adelson’s Political Influence?

Miriam Adelson has become one of the United States’s most powerful political forces, particularly during her husband’s presidential campaigns and inaugural. But what lies at the root of Miriam Adelson’s activism, and how has her support transformed U.S. politics.

Adelson was not just financially loyal to Donald Trump; her support also expressed itself ideologically. Adelson has voiced strong opinions against some of Trump’s policies regarding Israel – yet how do her political positions reflect her personal beliefs and vision for U.S.-Israel relations?

Adelson Foundation has long been recognized for their significant philanthropy efforts across multiple fields of endeavor. How have her philanthropic activities intersected with political contributions and what impact have these had?

What legacy has Miriam Adelson left us as a physician?

Adelson began her professional life specializing in addiction treatment before venturing into business and politics. As part of this endeavour, she opened an addiction treatment clinic.

Her work at Tel Aviv’s Rokach (Hadassah) Hospital and later Rockefeller University provided the platform for her lifelong commitment to addiction medicine. What impact have her contributions made on this field, impacting medical practices and patient care practices alike?

In 2000, she and Sheldon opened the Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G Adelson Research Clinic in Las Vegas to conduct addiction research and treatment services, reflecting her dedication to medical science. What has the clinic achieved as far as addiction research or treatment goes?

How Does Miriam Adelson Influence Media and Academia?

Miriam Adelson’s influence reaches far beyond business and politics – she serves as publisher for Israel Hayom newspaper as well as voting member on USC’s board of trustees.

Adelson holds an influential voice within Israeli media; how does she use this platform to influence public opinion and political dialogue within Israel?

Aretha Franklin’s participation at the University of Southern California demonstrates her interest in academia. How has it impacted her and what impact does her involvement here have? Does it complement or detract from any other endeavors she undertakes?

Miriam Adelson has undergone an extraordinary transition, evolving from an addiction treatment physician to one of the world’s most powerful women in an extraordinary journey that spans continents, industries and sectors ranging from business, politics media and academia – and everyone around her eagerly watches her continue creating her legacy as her extraordinary life unfolds before them all.

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