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Advantages and disadvantages of working from home

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Are there many advantages of working from home? In this article we will give them all to you.

Are you an employee and wondering if it would not be better to work from home? Are you wondering what benefits would you get from it?

The problem is that it is difficult to project yourself into a way of working and living that you don’t know.

For you, we have drawn up the main advantages of working from home… but also the main disadvantages.

All you have to do is realize what working from home has to offer and compare it with what your current situation has to offer.

Then you will know if working from home is for you!

The 8 advantages of working from home

# 1 – you are your own boss

So you no longer have to report to anyone, you set your goals yourself and work the hours you want!

# 2 – you are independent

You work on what you want, you organize yourself the way you want, you pay yourself the salary of your choice! Or do smart negotiation with the contractor!

# 3 – you are flexible about your working hours

As mentioned in the first point, not only do you work the hours you want, but you also work the number of hours you want as agreed with employer or contract. Besides that no awful traffic or gossip on your back!

# 4 – you reconcile your work and your family life

You can finally put your family first when it’s needed. You also have more possibilities to take care of yourself.

# 5 – you save time

You no longer have to waste your time in transport to get to your workplace, which saves you time and money!

# 6 – You have the opportunity to earn even more money (in a while)

Unlike salaried work, you reap 100% of the profits from your work. If you are efficient and good at what you do, you will make a lot of money.

# 7 – You benefit from a greater diversity of professions

A self-employed person is a jack of all trades, depending on the demand, you can adapt by offering various activities. You can also take the time to train yourself, for example in the fields of wellbeing and self-development.

# 8 – You gain in quality of life

No more public transport or car, forced relationships with colleagues that we don’t like (in some cases), obligatory schedules, quick lunch breaks… And, if you are a traveler, you can also continue to carry out your activity while traveling! 

Working from home undeniably offers a better quality of life than any other job.

The 4 disadvantages of working from home

# 1 – Work and income are not guaranteed

It will depend on how you approach your work from home. If you don’t know how to find clients and how to communicate, you may end up in trouble.

# 2 – you are isolated, with less human contact

You must therefore discipline yourself and go out regularly to create a new social lifestyle. Most of the time, employer will supervise you with employees monitoring software, meaning no human contact in general!

# 3 – you have to organize yourself

You cannot “escape” from work, every hour that passes is an hour when you could work. There is no longer a schedule or superior to tell you when you start and when you stop. It’s up to you to organize yourself and set limits.

# 4 – there is no paid vacation 

In theory, if you don’t work because you’re sick or on vacation, you won’t have any income. I say in theory, because depending on the work at home you choose, the money can come in automatically, even when you sleep. This is one of the great advantages of working at home and for yourself!

If you do a survey around you, you will find that people who work from home as a freelance are not necessarily happier than people who work in an office as a salaried employee. 

In reality, the “sufferings” are very different depending on the situation: a self-employed person must live with the weight of being solely responsible for his financial situation, which is often unstable, while an employee (or civil servant) will have to endure the often hurtful logic (even humiliating) and absurd of a hierarchical structure, especially in a mode where the meaning of work tends to disappear. 

In the first case, the difficulties will be overcome thanks to the feeling of having control over one’s life. In the second, they will be thanks to the real moments of freedom available to the employee once he has left his office.

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