Aetna Supplemental Health Insurance Review Of 2022

Aetna, a health insurance provider, is the third-largest insurer in the United States by direct written premiums and membership. With a substantial and expanding presence in the Medicare market, it also stands at the sixth position for the largest market share in the United States.Aetna is also one of the largest and most well-known senior life insurance providers in the United States.

Despite being in the middle of the scale among market leaders regarding quality and customer happiness, they now have new abilities to strengthen customer service and value. This is because CVS Health bought them. If you wish to read more about these health insurance services, refer to this extensive review curated just for you. 

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans

Aetna’s health insurance services cover medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and behavioral health. It also extends individual and group health insurance, including Medicare Advantage plans, Medicare prescription drug coverage, and Medicare Supplement Insurance.

Aetna covers nearly 9.8 million Medicare members in the United States, comprising over 1.2 million Medicare Supplement Insurance members, as of June 2021. If you wish to know about Medicare Supplement Insurance plans, then continue reading this Aetna Medicare Supplement Review 2022 edition

Plans for Medicare Supplement Insurance

For each Medicare member, Aetna typically provides the following Medicare Supplement Insurance plans:

  • Medigap Plan A: All Medigap plans contain the same primary benefits, with no extras.
  • Medigap Plan B: Includes basic benefits plus coverage for the Medicare Part A deductible
  • Medicare Plan G: The highest coverage level is given to new Medicare participants. In some areas, a high-deductible plan is available. 
  • Medigap Plan N: This plan comprises cheaper premiums but relatively high copays.
  • Aetna also provides Medigap Plan D in selected states. It is a mid-cost plan that offers the most Medigap benefits. On Aetna’s website, select your state to view a list of available alternatives in your area.
  • For eligible beneficiaries who could enroll in Medicare before 2020, Medigap Plan F and the high-deductible variant of Plan F are also typically available. These plans are not available from any insurer for newer Medicare participants. Medigap Plan C, which has the same limits as Plan F, is also available in certain areas.

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans Cost

Aetna has a limited number of Medicare Supplement plans available. Even though the firm does not provide the entire range of Medigap plans, its costs are pretty affordable when compared to the rest of the market. It’s worth noting that the coverage provided by any Supplement plan is identical across the country and by the firm.

The cost of an Aetna Medicare plan varies considerably based on your age and where you reside. This is primarily due to state-by-state variations in the cost of Medicare Supplement insurance. The average prices for the plans are given below:

Name of the PlanCost
Plan A$107
Plan B$112
Plan F$147
Plan F (High)$45
Plan G$117
Plan N$86

Service Areas For Aetna Medicare Supplement Insurance

Aetna has extended its Medicare Supplement Insurance coverage to about 43 states. However, Aetna does not provide Medigap coverage In Alaska, Hawaii, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Washington state, and Washington, D.C.

According to Aetna, nearly 1.2 million Medicare Supplement Insurance beneficiaries have been successfully covered. By 2020, the firm will have a 5.3 percent share of the whole Medicare Supplement Insurance market  We understand that your well-being is a top priority, and that’s why we’ve meticulously curated a selection of Medicare Part G plans that cater to your unique health needs.

Additional Benefits

The advantages of Medigap insurance are specified, but insurers might provide extra benefits. Some Aetna insurance plans provide extras such as

Aetna Member Discount Program

Discounts on hearing and vision examinations, hearing aids and batteries, eyeglasses, and other health and wellness goods are available through the Aetna Member Discount program.

LifeMart Program

Some plans give general discounts on travel, memberships, event tickets, and other items and services from partner businesses through the LifeMart program.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Aetna’s Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Cheap price: Aetna’s premiums for the popular Medigap Plans such as Plan G and Plan N are close to the lowest prices available.Online options are restricted: Aetna doesn’t provide online pricing quotations in a handful of states where it provides insurance products. You will still be required to call to apply in locations where you can receive online costing.
Coverage: Broad coverage and a large networkFewer advantages and discounts: Other Medigap insurers in the market provide substantial discounts and other benefits compared to Aetna.

Member benefits: Compared to the average Medigap insurer, Aetna spends a larger portion of its premium income on member benefits.
Complaints from members: Aetna’s Medigap policies have higher complaint rates than the industry average. Some plans are not as great.

Customer Feedback

Compared to other Medicare Supplement services, Aetna’s customer evaluations are much above average. Most users praise the website for its user-friendly interface and easy navigation, as well as features like online quotations and chat support with an expert. Other points in Aetna’s favor include good ratings from credible organizations like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), AM Best, Moody’s financial rating, etc.

According to the NAIC or National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ consumer complaint index, Aetna falls short of its Medicare Supplement products. The organization had a score of 1.57, indicating that its complaint record was considerably worse than the industry average of 1.00.


Aetna is expanding extensively in the medicare market. It provides a wide range of supplementary benefits, and its financial performance is excellent. However, the scores are pretty average if we talk about customer satisfaction. Hence, you must choose plans carefully if you wish to benefit from the insurance and have a hassle-free experience.

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