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The rollercoaster journey of Tessa and Hardin’s tumultuous relationship has intrigued fans for years. The After series, stemming from Anna Todd’s bestselling books, has been a massive hit, culminating in the unexpected fifth movie: “After Everything.” So, what can fans expect from this last chapter?

When is the “After Everything” Release Date?

After the shocking ending of “After Ever Happy”, there has been widespread anticipation surrounding “After Everything”. U.S. fans’ wait has finally ended as it premiered during an exclusive two-night-only screening event on September 13 and 14. However, for those who missed this showing the question remains as to when we can expect its arrival back on our screens at home?

Drawing parallels to “After Ever Happy,” which hit Netflix US on Christmas Day 2022 following its September release, there’s a chance that “After Everything” will follow suit with a December release on the streaming platform.

How Long is “After Everything”?

For movie buffs who prioritize runtime, “After Everything” is confirmed to be 95 minutes, or one hour and 35 minutes. This duration makes it the shortest in the After series. But will the reduced length compromise the storyline, or will it offer a concise and captivating ending?

What Can We Expect From the Trailer?

The first teaser of “After Everything” piqued curiosity as it focused solely on Hardin, with Tessa noticeably absent. The trailer offers a glimpse into Hardin’s struggles post-breakup, particularly when penning down his next book. His fixation with Tessa is evident as he states, “I keep on trying to write, and every time I do, everything just ends up going back to Tessa.”

The teaser highlights Hardin’s attempt to distance himself by heading to Lisbon. Yet, fans can’t help but speculate if a chance encounter with Tessa awaits him there.

What Plot Twists Await in “After Everything”?

Given the dramatic ending of “After Ever Happy,” fans are curious about the direction “After Everything” will take. Diverging from the book, the movie chose a more somber ending, parting Tessa and Hardin. Their final confrontation revolves around Hardin’s book titled “After,” which mirrors their own love story. Tessa’s reluctance to have their relationship publicized is evident, but Hardin’s decision to proceed with the book’s release leads to their final split.

The intriguing scene where Tessa stumbles upon Hardin during a book reading has spurred numerous theories. Did Hardin truly move on? Or is there a deeper strategy at play? Some fans hypothesize that the mysterious woman is merely a marketing gimmick, impersonating Tessa to spike interest in his book. This theory is not far-fetched, considering Hardin’s history of playing mind games.

“After Everything” promises to be a fitting conclusion to Tessa and Hardin’s whirlwind romance. The movie is sure to unravel many of the questions left by its predecessor, and whether it stays true to the book or not, fans are in for an emotional ride. While it’s the end of an era with “After Everything,” fans remain hopeful about the possibility of prequels and sequels, ensuring that Tessa and Hardin’s story may still have a few chapters left.

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