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Numerous airlines have cancelled or delayed flights in the last few days because of covid 19 and its latest variant Omicron. Numerous countries have been affected by the latest variant which includes Canada, and the United States. Recently, the airlines cancelled flights to Canada however the reasons behind this perhaps not understood by many. There are more than 6000 flights that have been grounded across the world.

Flight cancellations

The Christmas season was not ideal for a lot of individuals due to cancellations of flights. A large number of flights have been cancelled between the 22nd of December 2021 and 26th December 2021. A lot of Canadian airlines have pulled their flights, however the reason for this isn’t just Omicron and covid 19. The reason for this was the benefit of passengers taking into consideration the weather and variant conditions.

Many were dissatisfied about this, as their plans for the Christmas season were ruined. Many are not sure of the motive for the reason Airlines cancelled flights Canada. Let’s find out more details.

Why were flights cancelled?

As we all know, the Omicron surge has been feared by numerous countries after that delta version. A number of states have experienced the death of thousands individuals due to the epidemic. However, the omicron virus is not as serious as Delta. The issue is what caused the flight to be cancelled during the Christmas holiday weekend? The reason for the cancellation is adverse weather conditions across many regions of the country. Extreme cold temperatures that swept across Alberta, Saskatchewan and western Canada resulted in flight cancellations.

Airlines Cancelled Flights in Canada

Numerous Canadian airlines have cancelled their flights over the Christmas holiday weekend. We examined the reason for the cancellation. However, a few flights have other reasons , which are listed below.

Air Canada: Air Canada has called off its 171 flights due adverse weather conditions in a number of regions of Canada including Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan.

Flair Airlines: Flair Airlines have abandoned nine percent of its flights from 22 December 2021 and 26 Dec 2021 because of employees’ sick days.

Westjet Airlines Ltd.: Westjet Airlines have dropped seven percent of their flights in the past seven months. Maintenance, air traffic control and a lack of personnel were some reasons for the cancellation but the most important reason was the extremely cold winter.

Staffing reductions and air traffic control, were just among the main reasons airlines cancelling flights to Canada. The Christmas staff took the covid test and was discovered to be positive, which is why the airlines began to cancel their flights. The main cause, we explained was the weather conditions. The main reason was the flight cancellations .


Many flights have been cancelled between the 24th of December and 26th December 2021. It’s an excellent decision considering that the safety of passengers is more important. However, lots of people are angry due to the cancellations.

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