Alfonso Ribeiro Net Worth Age, Biography, Career, Nationality, Height, Weight & More

Alfonso Ribeiro has cemented himself into American popular culture through acting, comedy and television hosting roles he has performed over his impressive career – from playing iconic character Carlton Banks on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” to his dynamic dance moves that earned him 19th season of “Dancing With The Stars”, his body of work is both impressive and diverse – let us dive deeper into his remarkable life and career!

What Is Alfonso Ribeiro’s Net Worth?

Alfonso Ribeiro has amassed an estimated net worth of $12 Million thanks to his vast career as an actor, comedian, TV host and host – as well as various gigs across three decades in entertainment – including multiple hosting gigs over his three decade-long entertainment industry career. Alfonso has become a well-recognized talent who still remains relevant within an increasingly fiercely competitive industry through this impressive financial net worth that not only represents his talents but also demonstrate their relevance.

Who Is Alfonso Ribeiro?

Alfonso Ribeiro made an immediate mark upon arriving to New York City on September 21, 1971. His arrival created ripples throughout entertainment circles that quickly made an impressionful statement of who Alfonso was as an artist and performer. One of his most iconic roles, alongside Will Smith in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” was that of Carlton Banks; this iconic character, known for his signature dance moves and hilarious comedic moments quickly became one of television history.

Ribeiro has gone beyond “The Fresh Prince,” hosting game shows like “Catch 21” and competing in Dancing With the Stars; winning its 19th season! In addition, his wide array of talents includes guest appearances on various television programs as well as roles in movies such as Love Wrecked and Dancing Baby Dance.

How Old Is Alfonso Ribeiro?

Alfonso Ribeiro was born September 21st 1971. Even as he nears 51 years of age, Ribeiro maintains his youthful energy and vibrant personality; captivating audiences through age defying enthusiasm for his craft; serving as proof that passion outshines age when it comes to talent and dedication.

What Are Alfonso Ribeiro’s Heights and Weight?

Alfonso Ribeiro stands at 5 feet 6 inches and weighs approximately 63 kg (138 lbs), maintaining an optimal physique that has never hindered his performances or on-screen presence, which have often been marked by energy and agility.

What Nationality Does Alfonso Ribeiro Represent?

Alfonso Ribeiro was born and raised in New York City and, although his heritage includes Afro-Trinidadian, Trinidadian and Jamaican roots he remains proudly American and has made invaluable contributions to American entertainment over his career.

Alfonso Ribeiro: An Exploration

Ribeiro began his acting career as a child actor at age eight. However, his star status skyrocketed when he secured the role of Carlton Banks on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” This pivotal performance garnered not only fame but also created an avid following among fans worldwide.

After the series concluded, Ribeiro explored other aspects of entertainment, including hosting. Shows like “Catch 21” and “Spell-Mageddon” benefited from his charismatic presence and knack for engaging with the audience.

Alfonso Ribeiro’s impressive career in the entertainment industry showcases his versatility, skill, and enduring appeal. Whether he’s acting, dancing, or hosting, Ribeiro is a talent that continues to shine, capturing hearts worldwide. As he strides into his early 50s, we can only anticipate more entertaining ventures from this remarkable artist.

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