Trading Reviews: Is an Algo Trading Platform Reliable?

Trading has evolved at a fast pace. Unlike in the past, people rely on online platforms instead of paper-based systems. We have moved from manual decisions for buying and selling to Automated Trading Systems. The question is, “Can you make profits using it?” Let’s check the detailed review.

What is

One of the most popular platforms,, offers its users a proprietary system enabling automated trading through NFA registered brokers using a letter of direction. In short, it provides algorithmic trading strategies, along with trading algorithm design and quantitative trading analysis.

One of the trading systems offered by is the Geronimo trading system. This algorithm helps investors reap significant benefits through high-probability trades by providing a hands-off, user-friendly black-box trading system. The trading system allows users to invest in long and short-day trades on S&P Emini futures.

In addition, the platform also utilizes bull put spreads when the trading algorithm determines that market conditions are suitable. Hence, with a combination of day trades and put spreads, help minimize risk. Thus, enabling the potential for high returns for its users.

Types of Trading Used by (Algo Trading)

Combining a few strategies, has provided its users with a comprehensive trading solution designed to take advantage of all market conditions.

Put Spread Trading Algorithm

Throughout the day, the automated algorithm will compare the benefits of directional trades made on the Emini S&P Futures vs. placing spread trades that could hold overnight. If it determines that a spread trade is in order, the algorithm will sell an ‘At-The-Money’ put with the nearest expiration (whichever is earlier on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday).

To complete the spread, the algorithm will buy a put 35 points out of the money, ensuring that the maximum loss is not more than the spread width taken off the premium collected.

Breakout Day Trading Algorithm

Unlike the put spread, the Breakout Day Trade will place trades in the morning, buying into strength. This algorithm’s strategy is to have a tight stop while making the most of the winning trades.

Day Trade Short Algorithm

Contrary to the breakout day trading algorithm, this one places short day trades when the market shows weakness in the morning. It also utilizes a tight stop while letting the winning trades run for maximum profits.

This kind of trading has at least four significant advantages.

Advantages of Automated Trading System

While trading is never completely safe, it does make a difference when you have the power to analyze the market in advance, create a rule-based system based on that analysis, and then code the trading system to place trades automatically. However, not everyone has that knowledge and expertise. This is when can help.

Minimize Emotions

The trading system runs automatically as per the coded algorithm. Hence, it requires significantly less or no human intervention. The trading algo exists on the broker’s servers and will allow the algo to place trades on your account as the trading algo sees opportunities.

Backtested Performance Report

Fully coded means the program has been backtested. This helps the developer understand the performance of the algorithm closely. Isn’t that a much better trading method than the blind recommendations traders often follow without any clue why it is the right thing to do?

Every Report is Transparent

With a transparent performance, a report showcasing the past results from the strategy can be tracked live. Users can compare win rates and average trade gain along with the drawdowns. Since the trades are placed automatically by the broker, the results individuals see should be uniformly consistent.

  • Minimal Chances for Human Error

Since trades happen automatically,  one doesn’t need to worry about missing any trades or not following the rules developed. This makes it a safer and much less emotional way to trade.

AlgorithmicTrading.Net – Why Choose the Platform?

There are a few algorithmic trading platforms. However, you must choose one that is reliable and tested for success.

Thankfully, has a lot of accolades to its name that suggests the platform is imposing.

● The platform enjoys an A+ rating on the BBB. Knowing that BBB uses a highly rigorous scoring mechanism, achieving an A+ rating implies many great things.

● According to the famous finance blogger Emmett Moore, is a solid platform. He is renowned for being extremely tough in his reviews. He gave a 4.7 out of 5 stars.

● Although being around since 2014, the platform has not attracted genuine negative reviews. It is not easy for a trading platform to maintain such a satisfied user base.

The Conclusion

Suppose you are someone who wants to take advantage of a computerized trading system but does not have enough experience to take advantage of market inefficiencies or code your trading algorithm. In that case, you should consider utilizing an already established company such as This platform might help you achieve an edge over traditional trading strategies.

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