Alice F. Evans Obituary What Happened To Alice F. Evans?

Alice Frazer Evans was an outstanding educator, author, and advocate for human rights who passed peacefully at age 83 on May 3, 2023. Her life reflected an unyielding commitment to peace, social justice and society improvement.

Who Was Alice Frazer Evans?

Born on June 19, 1939, in Mobile, Alabama, to Emmett and Mary Jane Frazer, Alice Evans led a life marked by achievement, advocacy, and profound compassion. Her journey, rich in educational pursuits and humanitarian efforts, was driven by a deep commitment to making the world a more peaceful and equitable place.

What Were Alice’s Academic Achievements and Contributions?

Alice’s academic journey was notable, with undergraduate degrees from Agnes Scott College and the University of Edinburgh and graduate degrees from the University of Wisconsin and the Goethe Institute in Berlin. Her scholarly pursuits laid the foundation for a career dedicated to education and advocacy.

How Did Alice Impact the Field of Human Rights and Peace?

Alongside her husband, the Reverend Dr. Robert Evans, Alice co-founded the Plowshares Institute in Simsbury, Connecticut. This organization was instrumental in cultivating peace through conflict transformation. Alice’s work, especially in the realm of peace and social justice, extended globally, making significant impacts in areas fraught with conflict and inequality.

What Was Alice’s Role in the Global Peace Movement?

Alice, together with her husband, formed a dynamic duo in the global peace movement. International recognition came their way for their efforts toward ending apartheid in South Africa; so much so, in fact, that their collective work earned a nomination to receive the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize – further proof of its worthiness and significance.

What Were Alice’s Literary Contributions?

Alice’s passion for education and human rights was also evident in her literary contributions. She wrote and edited many books to share her knowledge with a wider audience and stimulate social justice efforts among many individuals. Her efforts not only educated but also motivated many towards taking up this cause.

What Awards and Honors Did Alice Receive?

Alice’s contributions to education, human rights, and peace were recognized through numerous awards and honors. Notably, she received honorary Doctorates from Hartford Seminary and Makassar University in Indonesia. These accolades reflect her influence and the respect she garnered in her field.

What Personal Interests and Hobbies Did Alice Pursue?

Apart from her professional achievements, Alice was known for her remarkable gardening skills and as an accomplished underwater diver. These hobbies reflected her love for nature and adventure, showcasing a multifaceted personality that went beyond her academic and humanitarian endeavors.

How Did Alice Contribute to Alzheimer’s Disease Research?

In her later years, Alice was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Demonstrating her lifelong commitment to advancing knowledge and helping others, she participated in a pioneering study at the Yale Alzheimer’s Disease Research Unit. Her involvement in this study underscored her dedication to contributing to the greater good, even in the face of personal challenges.

Who Are the Family Members Alice Leaves Behind?

Alice’s loss is deeply felt by her family, including her sister Carol Suffich, her children Mellinda Yocum, Judith Evans Smith, and Allen Evans, and her six grandchildren. Her family’s love and admiration for Alice speak volumes about her role as a loving sister, wife, mother, and grandmother.

How Can One Honor Alice’s Legacy?

To honor Alice’s memory, the family suggests contributions to charities that support education, human rights, or the environment. This gesture aligns with Alice’s life-long commitment to these causes and ensures that her legacy continues to inspire and make a difference.

Alice F. Evans lived her life as an example of hope, education and advocacy, making a significant impactful mark on peacemaking efforts such as human rights protections and social justice causes. We honor her legacy with fond memories as future generations strive for more just societies with her legacy continuing onward.

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