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Alice in Borderland Manga Wiki will discuss the reasons why it is trending, the main characters, and the Joker.

Season one of Alice in Borderland has been viewed. Did you know that season 2 has been released on Netflix already? Do you want to watch this season?

People All over the world are talking about this episode’s final episode and everyone wants to learn more about Joker. What does this mean? To find out more, let’s explore Alice in Borderland Manga Wikipedia.

What’s the most recent news?

Two days have passed since the premiere of season 2 of Alice in Borderland. People are already talking about it. Netflix season 2 was launched on 22 December 2022. Based on HaroAso’s Japanese manga series, the series was created. The series’ first season, directed by Shinsuke Sato, was telecasted on Netflix in December 2020.

Three friends are trapped in an abandoned Tokyo when they accidentally fall for each other. They were forced to compete in life-threatening cards games. They were unable to extend their visas due to the difficulty of doing so. If they run out, lasers will be fired from above.

What is alice borderland manga characters ?

Manga’s main characters are:

RyoheiArisu is a videogame addict who specializes in heart games.

DaikichiKarube is a high school student. Although he doesn’t have any speciality, he is a friend to Arisu as well as Chota.

ChotaSegawa is High School student.

Yuzuha Uzigia Usagi, is a mountain climber who specializes in spade games.

More characters from the series:

  • Saori Shibuki
  • ShuntaroChishiya
  • HikariKuina
  • KodaiTatta
  • AkaneHeiya
  • Ann Rizuna
  • Mira Kano
  • Isao Shirabi

Who are borderland manga joker ?

The game can be represented as a deck or cards, where the suits represent the four types.

The numbers are visible on the card in the first season. The difficulty level increases as the number gets higher.

Season 2 will likely focus on the face cards. The season Joker is missing from both. His presence in season 2’s final episode suggests that Joker could be the wild-card entry people have been expecting. This confirms that Arisu and his buddies will not be entering the real world, but another game next season.

Learn more about borderland joker Reddit

Reddit is a discussion about Joker. Joker, an intriguing figure in Manga, is a ferryman who brings creatures from the outside to the Borderlands. The Joker appears in front of ArisuanUsagi after they have completed the Queen of Hearts Game. It will be fascinating to see how Joker’s entry affects the character during the next season.


We’ve discussed all details about Alice in Borderland. The second season of the series will be available on Netflix 22 December 2022. Joker is a popular entry.

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