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Alkaline Water Ionizer Buying Guide

An alkaline water ionizer is gaining lots of popularity these days. In Asia, almost every family owns an alkaline water ionizer. Its water is said to be the best for the health of the human body. But when you buy a water ionizer for home, you check certain things. If you are thinking to buy an ionizer online then you may need to change your idea.

Certain things are very important in a water ionizer. You cannot buy any random piece without checking it. What are those things? How to check them? You may want to ask these questions right now. Don’t worry read this till the end and learn more about water ionizers in detail. 

We have mentioned the buying guides of alkaline water ionizers down below. You need to check these features in any alkaline water ionizer before buying it.

Let’s Start With The Main Features Now!

#1. Filtration

A water ionizer is of no use if there is not enough filtration of water. Moreover, tap water contains lots of harmful chemicals. According to an American report, tap water is not at all safe for long time consumption. It may harm the organs of the body very slowly. Therefore, filtration becomes the most essential part of an alkaline water ionizer. Check the following things for the filtration feature:

  • Go for the double filter alkaline water ionizer. One filter is not enough for good filtration. Some residues may be left with one-step filtration. Therefore, check the dual filtration first
  • After that, the size of the filter also matters. Go for the longer cartridges than the shorter ones. It will give you better results in comparison to the shorter cartridges
  • Go for the ceramic filter. Ceramic is very effective to kill bacteria, microbial, influenza, and other dust particles. You don’t want to consume all these in your water
  • In the case of filters, inexpensive filters are not very effective. For filters, you get what you pay for. Therefore, try to buy expensive filters. These will give you better results

#2. Warranty

Warranty is very important when you are buying an alkaline water ionizer. Any home appliances. There is no guarantee when will the ionizer stop working or any part of it stops working. You don’t want to spend always from your pocket. If you have a warranty you can call the agency and get the work done free of cost. You may also exchange the whole water ionizer if it suddenly stops working. But this is only possible if you take the warranty card from the shop.

Check for the ionizers with either one year warranty or two years warranty. Do not buy the ionizer with only a six-month warranty. It will be of no use to you. When you receive the warranty card, store it in a secure place and use it when necessary.

#3. Poisonous Chemicals

You will be shocked to know that some alkaline water ionizers used very poisonous chemicals to maintain the pH of water. They enhance the quality of water with the help of these chemicals. These chemicals are mainly sodium chloride or sodium hypochlorite. Sodium chloride is just salt. But you are going to consume it with every sip of your water. It may cause several health problems like blood pressure and the weakening of bones. On the other hand sodium hypochlorite is a bleach. You seriously don’t want your loved ones to consume the bleach.

These can also produce many toxic and poisonous gases which are not at all healthy. Therefore, make sure your alkaline water ionizer is free from all the poisonous chemicals and toxic gases. You can also ask for a quality card from the shopkeepers.

#4. Country Of Origin

Country of origin is surprisingly a very important fact while buying a water ionizer for home. It is found in a report that filters from Korea and Japan are using lots of chemicals very often. They use these chemicals to produce high-quality water and increase their purchasing rate. Ionizers from other cultures are not guaranteed safe but try to avoid ionizers of Korea and Japan. If you are buying ionizers from other countries then check the quality also. Do not believe any country blindly and risk your health. Ask for a quality card from shopkeepers before selecting any water ionizer for home.

These were the top four facts that you must consider while buying an alkaline water ionizer. These may seem very small and negligible but don’t avoid any of the facts. At first, you will not feel any effect but with time it will ruin your as well as your loved one’s health. We are sure you don’t want to compromise the health of your loved ones. Therefore, don’t get caught in anyone’s words. Instead, check the quality of the alkaline water ionizer before buying it.

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