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All American Season 3 Episode 7: Release Date, Spoilers, Recap And All New Latest Updates

The sixth episode of all American’ season 3 has turned out to be emotionally taxing for our favorite characters. In episode 6, Spencer and the others gather at the cottage where his dad used to be before his passing. Aside from Spencer tackling heavy emotions, the group deals with anxieties brewing due to secrets being kept and then revealed. For a thorough account, you may read the recap section. In case that you need to learn more about the upcoming event, here is what we know about all American’ season 3 episode 7!

All American Season 3 Episode 7 Release Date

‘All American’ season 3 episode 7 will release on March 1, 2021, at 8 pm ET on The CW. The series follows a weekly release blueprint of airing new episodes every Monday.

Where to Watch All American Season 3 Episode 7?

Should you prefer watching TV, you can catch all American’ season 3 episode 7 on The CW by tuning in at the abovementioned time and date. You can even watch it on The CW site and The CW program, where the series is available. If you do not have a cable connection, you can resort to sites like DirecTV, Fubo TV, YouTube TV, and iTunes.

Another choice is to obtain the episodes or the entire year on Amazon Prime Video. Hardcore Netflix users may simply watch season 3 after the whole season finishes airing on The CW, meaning that they may need to wait till summer 2021. You can still catch up on the prior episodes on the streaming platform.

All American Season 3 Episode 7 Spoilers

‘All American’ season 3 episode 7 is called Roll the Dice.’ From the episode, we’ll see Coop function in vegas. Spencer and the gang will take a road trip to see her and Layla on tour. It will also be an emotional incident for Spencer, who will attain more clarity about his feelings. Olivia is going to be astounded at Jordan and Simone’s suspicious behavior. Here is a promo for you to see!

All American Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

The sixth installment of the season is titted teenage Love.’ The episode concentrates upon Spencer’s connection with his father as he comes to terms with his father’s reality. He pushes to the cottage where his father was until he passed. Layla arrives along with the remainder of the group to help out. Spencer discloses to Layla about his father’s birthday speech that he has left. He is confused about if he must read them.

Meanwhile, Patience is getting calls from the girl who’d offered to shoot her tune. Patience is thereafter requested to go on a music tour. Simone is applying to schools on the east coast. Spencer finally finds the courage to see his father’s letters and discovers his old man was kinder than he appeared. Asher questions Olivia about her energy with Spencer. Things get even more heated throughout the campfire as secrets are revealed. Simone and Jordan get into a fight.

Layla tells Asher the Olivia was in Mexico and Vanessa admits that Olivia was in vegas. Coop loses his composure over Spencer for interrupting her business with Tyrone. Olivia and Asher, in the long run, decide to part ways while Coop ends her friendship with Spencer. On the way home, Jordan and Simone face one another to sort out their issues, while Layla asks Spencer concerning the events which took place in Las Vegas over the summer.

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