All You Need To Know About The Features Of Video Interviews

A video interviews 

A job interview that employs video technology as the communication medium is called a video interview.  

Because they may save an organisation time and money from conventional, in-person, or face-to-face interviews, video interview popular technique for talent acquisition. Additionally, video interviews help automate candidate screening and reduce geographical restrictions. 

In various phases of the recruiting process, online assessment businesses employ video interviews. For instance, early on, a hiring manager could ask candidates to film a video of their replies to a series of questions. Sometimes referred to as a one-way interview to swiftly evaluate applicants and choose which ones will move on to the next round. 

How come video interviews are so common? 

Since companies like NinjaInterview may arrange and hold several sessions, video interviews are less expensive and time-consuming than in-person interviews. Video interviews also make it simpler for applicants who reside further away geographically or where the expense of travel can be a problem if the position the employer is seeking is remote. Now that anybody may attend interviews, a larger talent pool is available for a post. Since the interviewee is no longer under the additional burden of travel, video interviews can also aid with stress reduction. 

Video Interview Features 

Application evaluation 

Although artificial intelligence (AI) may not be able to conduct a whole video interview effectively (yet), video interviewing platforms utilise it and evaluate job seekers’ applications to shortlist the best prospects for the position. 

Documentation and the filing of forms 

The documentation involved in applying for jobs online assessment may be rather extensive. Some video interviewing software enables the prospects to submit forms over the platform before, during, or after the interview. 

Interview pre- and post-questioning 

Some of these inquiries may be: 

  • How were you made aware of this position? 
  • Did you feel at ease throughout this interview? 
  • Do you have any more queries? 

Pre- and post-interview questions for each candidate can use video interviewing software.  

Recorded interviews: 

  • In a recorded interview, you ask the applicant questions. 
  • The interviews. 
  • Video resumes. 

Group and panel discussions 

A few systems for video interviews allow for many participants. Make sure the video interviewing program you choose can conduct panel or group interviews if you want to do so. 


Look for video interviewing software that has an integrated feedback form if you’re interested in receiving feedback from your candidates on the hiring process and video interviews. 

Customizable interview window 

When interviewing a candidate, having the option to alter the screen was nearly new if other workers were also on the screen of questions or notes. 

Mobile assistance 

Instead of a standard desktop or laptop computer, some of your prospects could watch video interviews on their mobile devices. 

Consumer assistance 

Technical difficulties may be annoying. Look for a platform for video interviews that provides simple customer service.  


Make sure everyone can utilise the application you choose without any trouble. Without any software training, your prospects need to be able to sign in and take part in the interview. 

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