Allen Mall Shooting Video Twitter – All the Details You Need to Know!

You can read exclusive facts about the Allen Mall Shooting Video only on Twitter.

Two days after Allen’s shooting, thousands of people gathered at the scene to pay their respects and offer sympathy flowers. Several news channels have been covering the story live for over 10 hours. United States, and Canada viewers are keeping an eye on the situation.

Did you know the police and firefighters refused to comment on the incident, and Allen Mall Shooting Video was posted on Twitter ?

Tweets about the incident:

A few Twitter pages shared the video. The videos were immediately taken down as they contained violence. The incident was captured either by a CCTV outside the mall, or customers inside the mall. The raw footage is not available online.

Location of weapon and its use:

The shooting took place on Saturday 6th/May/2023 at 3:36 PM CST at the Allen Premium Outlets in Allen, Dallas Taxes. This is located at 33.1327deg north and 96.6608deg west, 40 KM (25 miles) from Dallas. Texas Mall Shooting, 2023 tells the story of a man riding a silver Dodge Charger who approached the mall in a car and began shooting at people standing outside. The assassin shot selectively with an AR-15 style, lightweight semiautomatic rifle.


Nine people were injured and eight innocents were killed. The injured were taken to Medical City Healthcare at 7777 Forest Lane in Dallas, TX, west of North Central Expressway. Three people are in critical conditions. Nine people were aged between 5 and 61 years.

Take down the assassin :

Texas Mall Shooting Images showed people fleeing the mall. A police marshal had been sent to the mall for a separate case that was reported on the same spot. He heard the shots and reacted. He was able target the assassin, and kill him. Dallas police said that they received the call around 03:40 CDT and arrived on the scene at 04:22. Greg Abbott thanked that officer for the quick response.

The assassin’s identity:

The murderer, 33-year-old Mauricio Garca, was identified. He was staying in a motel. Texas Mall Shooting Pictures depicted people leaving the mall holding their hands up. His clothing bore the tagline Right Wing Death Squad. He was a former security officer and received weapons training. He was fired from his post because of an illness. Initial investigations revealed that Mauricio had interacted with social media pages associated with white supremacists or Pro-Nazis.

Keith Alan Self, the representative for Texas’s 3rd Congressional district, stated that these incidents occur because physiological patients are not receiving proper care and treatments.

Horror in the Mall:

Allen Premium Outlets is home to six restaurants, 124 clothing stores, and a kids’ play area. Upon hearing the gunshots people began to run toward the parking lot. The kids playing in the park were shocked. On Sunday, May 14th, several people went shopping for Mother’s Day.

There were hundreds of phone calls made asking family members to pick up people who were trying to leave the site. People called their families and told them of the incident. Many customers hid inside the mall.

Requesting coordination:

In the Allen Mall Shooting Video tweets and the media interview, the policeman asked people to send in any footage they may have captured. Police also asked for evidence, photos and witnesses who could contribute to the investigation.


showed their sympathy by attending a Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church vigil on 7th/May/2023 from 05:00 PM. The Governor Greg Abbott, and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick were present at the vigil to pray for the victims. Joe Biden, who was informed of the incident, urged for universal background checks to be implemented and assault weapons to be banned.

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