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Early Life and Personality of Amanda Marie Clifford

Amanda Marie Clifford was a 20-year-old resident of Lindon, Utah, known for her infectious smile, vibrant spirit, and the ability to light up any room she entered. Born into a loving family, Amanda was a beacon of positivity who inspired others with her dedication, intelligence, and remarkable musical talent.

Amanda’s Academic and Musical Pursuits

Utah Valley University (UVU) was fortunate to have Amanda as one of its students; she excelled academically while making friends among both classmates and professors alike. Amanda made music her passion; as flutist for UVU’s Symphonic Band and Orchestra she quickly earned respect among fellow musicians on campus.

Work Life at Mimi’s Cafe

Aside from her academic commitments, Amanda worked at Mimi’s Cafe in Orem for two years. Her hard work, helpful nature, and vibrant personality made her a cherished part of the team.

The Tragic Accident

On July 3rd 2023, Amanda Clifford lost her life unexpectedly when involved in a severe car accident on Interstate 15. As she drove toward class, another driver abruptly cut her off, leading her into collision with a semitrailer trailer and leading to its subsequent destruction.

Aftermath of the Accident

Amanda sustained severe injuries due to an unexpected explosion that happened while at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and, although she fought bravely throughout, later that day her life support was disconnected, marking an unprecedented tragedy and ending what had once been full of promise for both parties.

The Legacy of Amanda Marie Clifford

Amanda Clifford’s death has created an enormous hole in our lives as family, friends and the wider community mourn her absence. However, her legacy lives on through her love for music, reading, and her aspiration to become a music teacher and conductor.

Amanda’s Advocacy for Organ Donation

Amanda was an advocate for organ donation, and through her selfless act has provided life-changing opportunities to six individuals in need. Her generosity will remain an example to us all as memories from those she knew will continue to surface of those whom knew her well.

Funeral Service and Commemorations

Amanda will be remembered with fondness during a funeral service held at Lindon Utah Stake Center followed by burial at Orem City Cemetery. Family, friends and admirers will assemble to commemorate her life while recalling how much joy and accomplishments she brought them all.

The Impact on the Community

Community members continue to mourn Amanda’s sudden and shocking passing, yet remain united in their sorrow, support for her family, and desire to honor and remember this extraordinary individual in an appropriate manner. Amanda will live on in our memories as an outstanding individual whose legacy will endure even in death.

The Ongoing Investigation

As her loved ones grieve her untimely passing, an investigation is currently being undertaken into what caused Amanda’s demise and are hoping that its findings can assist with future incidents and bring some form of closure for those left devastated by it.

Amanda Marie Clifford will never be forgotten for all she contributed and inspired. Her memory will live on through those whom she touched; thus ensuring her legacy lives on.

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