Amusing Drinking Games to Play with a Deck of Cards

Are you looking for a fun way to spice up your next game night? If so, why not try out some hilarious drinking games with a deck of cards? They are great icebreakers and conversation starters, and these entertaining card-based drinking games will have everybody in stitches. Whether you’re hosting a small get-together or having an all-out party with friends, we guarantee that these inventive card-based drinking activities will provide plenty of laughs!

Once you find the best drinking card game, it will surely be an eventful evening you will remember for many days to come. If you’re ready, get those cards and prepare for hours of side-splitting entertainment—with or without alcohol!

Make Every Gathering a Memorable One with Card Games

No matter the occasion, the card games below will be a great addition to any event you’re hosting. These will surely keep you and your guests entertained for hours, whether it’s a housewarming party, birthday, or any regular get-together!


Kings is a classic drinking game that can be played with many players. All you need is a cup, plenty of beer, and your trusty deck of cards! The game begins with everyone sitting in a circle with the cup in the middle. After that, the players pick a card corresponding to a specific action.

Rundown of cards and their actions:

  • Ace: Everyone drinks in a domino pattern, with the person who picked the card determining how long it will go.
  • Two: The person who picked the card will choose another person to drink.
  • Three: The card-picker will take a drink.
  • Four: Everyone will immediately touch the floor. The last one to do so will drink.
  • Five: Everyone who identifies as a guy needs to drink.
  • Six: Those who identify as a “chick” take a drink.
  • Seven: Everyone puts their hands in the air. The last one will take a drink.

The rest of the cards have different rules that will be discussed during the game. As more cards are picked, players may accumulate multiple actions to do. The player who chooses a King card must make a rule everyone must follow for the rest of the game. If someone fails or forgets, they take a drink!


Who knew a strategic card game could be turned into a drinking game, too? The best part is enjoying the game and having a drink simultaneously. Cribbage is an exciting card combination game focused around scoring points by creating specific combinations with your cards in hand and scoring those combinations to score points. Although two people may participate, more fun can be had when four are involved!

To turn this classic game into a drinking one, simply add a rule that everyone must take a sip whenever they lose points or if they can’t play and must make a pass. Additional restrictions include if someone hits a 15 or 31, they must take a drink. Drinking is some sort of punishment, which will force players to do better in the following rounds!

Circle of Death

Also known as Ring of Fire, this conventional drinking game is one of the most popular ones played by college students. The game involves players sitting in a circle with their drink. After that, a dealer must be picked, and they will be referred to as the “Dealer of Death.” If they call the dealer by other names, they must drink for five seconds.

Specifics of Circle of Death:

  • The Dealer of Death will distribute cards clockwise, facing up.
  • If a player receives a card that matches the cards on either side of it in number or suit, they will drink the number of seconds that matches the value of their cards.
  • The Dealer of Death must count the seconds.

Another version of Circle of Death has players sitting in a circle with a cup of beer in the middle. Anybody who breaks the circle while drawing their card must drink the full beer.


Incorporating some strategic thinking, President is a simple yet addictive card game that requires players to get rid of all their cards to win the round. The first person to do this becomes President and can create new rules for the next rounds.

The game needs at least four players, cups for each player, cards, and plenty of beer. All cards are ranked highest to lowest, with Ace as the highest. Two is known as the “clear” card, which means it resets the game if someone throws it. Three is a wild card, so it can be any number except for two. Playing two threes is also considered as two, which also resets the game.

If someone can’t play a card, they will pass and take a drink. Once you manage to eliminate all your cards, you become the President. The loser with the most cards is the Asshole who will deal the next hand. As the President makes a rule, everyone who fails to follow it will take a drink while the game is progressing.

Ride the Bus

Last is Ride the Bus, another quintessential card game where at least five players must participate. The game has three rounds, and one player is chosen as the leader. The leader shuffles the deck and asks the player to their left, “Red or black?” If they’re correct, they keep the card. The next player is asked the same, and they drink if they’re wrong but still get to keep the card.

The second phase is predicting the next card’s value if it’s between or outside the values of the two cards in their hands and the suit of the next card before they get their 4th card. Riding the Bus refers to the dealer laying down ten cards face-down and flipping them over individually. If the card is a number, nothing happens. If it’s a face card, the player must drink once for a Jack, twice for a Queen, thrice for a King, and four times for an Ace card.

Make a Night to Remember with Exciting Drinking Card Games

Card drinking games are a fun and interactive way to enjoy a night with friends. They require minimal preparation and can be played by people of different ages. Just remember to drink responsibly and have a designated driver or plan for transportation if necessary. Cheers to your next game night!

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