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An Ultimate Guide to 6-String Bass Guitars: Pros & Cons and Tunning

Have you ever wondered what kind of bass guitar pro bassists like Tye Zamora, Anthony Jackson, and Jon Stockman from Karnivool mostly use? That is a 6-string bass guitar.

When people think about a bass guitar, they usually imagine a 4-string guitar. But the 6-string bass guitars are gaining more popularity day by day. Naturally, 6 strings allow you to play more notes than any 4-string guitar, and you can create more variations. That is probably the most vital reason behind its recent rise in popularity. Many bassists are also switching to 6-string bass guitars,

The Pros and Cons of 6-String Bass Guitar

  • Advantages of 6-string guitar:
  1. A wider range of notes: With the extra 2 strings on a 6-string bass guitar, you can take your guitar skills to a whole different level. A 4-string bass guitar is usually tuned at E A D G, from the lowest to the highest order. But with 6-string basses, there will be a high C string and a low B string. This gives the player access to a wide range of notes.
  2. Ease of positioning & accessibility: Once you get used to a six-string bass guitar, it becomes easier to play with fewer movements with your finger. Instead of moving from top to bottom frets to play higher or lower notes, you can keep your hand still and move your fingers vertically to play those notes. This means you can play more variations and play faster.   
  3. Good tonal clarity: Many 6-string bass guitarists suggested that they got better sounds from it. You can also play various chords on your 6-string bass guitar, which you may not likely hear from a 4-string bass. With the high C string and the low B string, you can enjoy a better time with good-sounding chords or arpeggios and utilize them more often in your music.

  • Disadvantages of 6-string guitar:
  1. Higher price: 6-string basses are usually more expensive than a 4 or 5-string bass guitar. There are multiple reasons behind it. Generally, a 6- string bass guitar is bigger than a 5 or 4-string guitar. So it needs more wood and hardware to build. The price varies from brand to brand. As 6-string bass guitars are not as popular as 4-string basses, brands don’t manufacture too many 6-string basses. But the price difference is not that high. You will surely find 6-string bass guitars at an affordable price.
  2. Wider necks: As there are 6 strings, naturally, it requires a wider neck. Now, if you are shifting from 4 or five strings to 6 string bass, you may feel uncomfortable with the neck size. However, if you have used an acoustic or classical guitar, it should be a small difference to you in terms of grip and feel. But playing on a wider neck may be difficult for a bassist.
  3. Larger weight: Typically, a 6-string bass guitar is heavier than its 5 or 4-string version. It’s because it has a bit bigger with more wood and hardware. For example, a 6-string bass guitar weighs around 15 lbs, while a 5 or 4-string bass may weigh 8 to 12 lbs approximately. The weight varies depending on which model you choose.

How to Tune a 6-String Bass Guitar? Can You Tune A 6-String Bass Like a Guitar? 

The standard tuning for a six-string bass guitar is B E A D G C from the lowest to the highest, and the same goes for a 6 string electric bass. It is called the B standard tuning. It’s almost like tuning a 4-string bass with the addition of the B and C string. You can also tune a 6-string bass guitar like an acoustic guitar with E tuning as EADGBE. There are many other tunning methods but if you are a beginner, starting with the standard B tuning is ideal.

Many Guitar tunning apps are available in the play store and apple store; simply download the app and get started.


Need to Change Your Bass Guitar Strings?

The guitar strings are probably the most vital part of your bass guitar, be it a 6-string bass or 4-string. You are suggested to use the Alice A606 electric bass guitar string set for the most natural and pure tones. This electric bass string set adopts steel cores, and nickel-plated ball ends and is wound with nickel alloy. These features endow it with great electromagnetic properties, even & steady vibration, and good tenuto. 

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