Home News Andrea Constand Net Worth Who were the victims of Bill Cosby?

Andrea Constand Net Worth Who were the victims of Bill Cosby?

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Hello Folks! Do you know Andrea Constand. She is well-known today. Andrea Constant is well-known for her legal battle against Cosby. She was spotted by the public. Dzhe is a well-known badzketball player and a member of her national team.

This essay will cover Andrea Constand Net Worth as well as other interesting points. People are looking for her information all over the world, even in the United States and Canada. Let’s start with the particular post.

Andrea Constand: Who are you?

Andrea Constand was born 11 April 1973. She was from a middle-class background. Cosby was her mentor, friend and even Temple University’s famous basketball player. Andrea was then made to feel severely abused by Cosby. She declared that Bill Cosby anesthetizes and smacks her when she is insensible.

When you searchAndrea Constand Net Worth?We discovered that she wanted to be a big name in women’s basketball. She spent many years playing in Europe, before returning to Canada. Let’s see her accomplishments.

Who were Bill Cosby’s victims?

Cosby was incarcerated after being accused of injuring Andrea Constand. However, at least 60 other people had alleged him. Cosby tried to have his conviction reversed in December 2019, but was unsuccessful.

After two years in a three- to ten year prison sentence, Cosby, now 83, had his conviction for indecent misconduct overturned on June 30, 2021. Do you want to find out Andrea and Cosby’s net worth? Stay tuned for the final installment.

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Andrea Constand Net Worth

Andrea Constand’s net wealth is not publicly reported. Andrea Constand has not disclosed these details to the media. Therefore, any speculation about her net worth is only speculation. It is not known how much she made as an operator and how many times she played pro football.

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In agreement with Bill Cosby, she received $3.5 million. Constand could have used some of these amounts to settle her legal problems.

Bill Cosby’s estimated net worth is $400 million. We hope you enjoy the article Andrea Constand Net worth.

About her Achivements

Andrea Constand had never been recognized or rewarded, but we all know that she was an excellent basketball player when she was part of a team. Andrea was also a top basketball player, scoring 30 points in one match. She put in so much effort to reach her goals.


You will learn everything you need to know about Andreaearly’s life, net worth and awards.

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