Angelique Pettyjohn Cause Of Death What Happened To Angelique Pettyjohn?

The entertainment industry has been graced by countless stars, but few shone as brightly as Angelique Pettyjohn. An actress with an expansive portfolio that spanned from cult horror films to iconic television series, Angelique was more than just a pretty face. Let’s delve into the multifaceted life of this remarkable woman.

Who Was Angelique Pettyjohn?

Angelique Pettyjohn, born on March 11, 1943, was an American actress and burlesque performer. She loved a numerous career in both film and tv, along with her fascinating beauty and extraordinary talent garnering the eye of audiences and critics alike. Her untimely dying on February 14, 1992, from cancer, marked the stop of a colourful existence that changed into reduce brief on the age of forty eight.

How Did Angelique Make Her Mark in Star Trek?

Angelique Pettyjohn’s claim to fame, for many fans, was her appearance as Shahna in the Star Trek episode titled “The Gamesters of Triskelion” in 1968. In this episode, she portrayed the drill thrall Shahna, who played a pivotal role as Captain James T. Kirk’s Thrall trainer. This role cemented her place in the annals of Star Trek history and brought her into the limelight.

What Other TV Shows Did Angelique Appear In?

Aside from her memorable role in Star Trek, Angelique graced various 1960s television shows, demonstrating her versatility as an actress. She played roles in “Mister Terrific”, “The Green Hornet”, and even made appearances in popular shows such as “Batman” and “Love, American Style”. In a fascinating turn, she played the male CONTROL agent Charlie Watkins in the “Get Smart” series, showcasing her exceptional talent in character transformations.

Was Angelique Involved in the Film Industry?

Indeed, the allure of Angelique Pettyjohn wasn’t limited to the small screen. In 1969, she ventured into the world of films, taking on a leading role in the cult horror movie “The Mad Doctor of Blood Island”. The same year, she portrayed Cherry in the biker film “Hell’s Belles”, showcased her acting chops in the Glenn Ford Western “Heaven with a Gun”, and appeared in “Childish Things”, co-directed by the talented John Derek.

What Led Angelique to the World of Burlesque?

Angelique’s adventure into the sector of burlesque commenced in the 1970s. She became a star in Las Vegas, acting in numerous excessive-profile shows. In 1970, audiences were enthralled by her performance in Barry Ashton’s Burlesque Show at the Silver Slipper Gambling Hall and Saloon. Her charismatic presence on stage was further highlighted when she was a featured showgirl in the Vive Paris Vive show at the Aladdin Hotel. The 1970s were a decade of immense popularity for Angelique in the burlesque scene, with appearances at the Maxim Hotel & Casino Burlesque Show and her 1978 collaboration in “True Olde Tyme Burlesque” at the Joker Club.

How Did Angelique’s Stardom Reflect in Print Media?

The charisma of Angelique wasn’t just confined to the stage and screen. She made waves in the print industry as well, gracing the pages of the February 1979 edition of Playboy in the pictorial “The Girls of Las Vegas”, captured by photographer Robert Scott Hooper. Recognizing her popularity amongst Star Trek fans, Hooper also photographed her in her Star Trek costume. These photographs were later transformed into two posters, with one showcasing her in her complete costume and the other capturing her beauty without the costume. These posters became instant hits, especially at Star Trek conventions where Angelique was an admired figure.

Remembering Angelique Pettyjohn

The life and career of Angelique Pettyjohn are testaments to her incredible talent, versatility, and enduring charm. From the bustling global of tv and movies to the sultry degrees of Las Vegas, Angelique’s legacy remains etched inside the hearts of enthusiasts and admirers around the world. Her untimely dying robbed the amusement global of a true gem, but her paintings and reminiscences hold to inspire and captivate audiences, each old and new.

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