Anna Paulina Luna Pictures {Jan 2023} Luna’s Wikipedia!

This article is about Anna Paulina Luna Pictures as well as self-recorded video from the election. It also revealed her personal life as well as her career.

Anna Paulina Luna is who? What do you know about Anna Paulina Luna? You can read the full news article to learn more. Anna Paulina Luna (American politician) is also a United States Air Force Veteran. Luna is a Florida GOP Congresswoman. What is her latest tweet on social media Luna posted a tweet and the self-recorded clip was published. The following section shows her current tweet reason, Anna Paulina Luna Pictures.

About Anna Paulina Luna post

Anna Paulina Luna (American politician) She is part of the Congress party Florida GOP. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Calif., was among the 20 Republicans who voted to elect Kevin McCarthy, R.Calif.

Anna Paulina Luna won the election.

Anna Paulina Luna – Republican Party

Anna Paulina Luna is from the Republican Party. She was elected in the general elections on 8th November 2022. Anna Paulina Luna in Florida is a U.S. House representative from the 13th Congressional District. She was expected to be in office on the 3rd of January 2023. She will be out of office on the 3rd January 2023.


Anna Paulina Luna, born 6 May 1989 in Orange (California), was her first child. She is a daughter to a Mexican heritage woman and a German heritage man. Continue reading to find out more about her Background.

The Tampa Bay Times profile of Luna in 2020 noted that she changed schools quite a bit.

Luna joined the U.S. Air force when she was 19 years old. She served from 2009 to 2018. She was an airfield supervisor in Florida and Missouri. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science from West Florida University.

Luna’s Wikipedia

Luna has worked in many fields. She was an entrepreneur. She also served as a Hispanic engagement coordinator for Turning Point USA. She was a podcast host at Gingrich 360.

It was not the end of her career. She is currently the chairwoman for the Hispanic initiative at PragerU. Posthill Press published her author book. Luna is a veteran of Operation Underground Railroad and Veterans for Child Rescue.

Luna earned an Air Force Achievement Medal and was discharged in 2014 after her Air Force career.

Anna Paulina Luna – Husband

Andrew “Andy” Gamberzky has Luna. He was a U.S. Air Force combat commander. Gamberzky was injured while serving in Afghanistan.

Luna became her surname. She chose to change her surname in honor of her Hispanic heritage. Luna’s father, Luna, lived with Luna’s family and died in a car accident on January 20, 222.

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