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The incident of Anthony Edwards Chair Video has caused controversy and heated debates on the internet. Find the full article here for information.

Are you aware of whom Anthony Edwards is? What was the reason Anthony toss the chair? What happened to the chair? take place? If you’re also an admirer of Anthony Edwards and his current behavior has left you stunned check out this article about Anthony Edwards Chair Video. People from the United States and Canada want to learn more about the chair-throwing scandal that afflicted Anthony Edwards.

Controversy Sparked on Anthony Edwards Throwing Chair

On the 27th of April in the 5th game, Timberwolves lost to the Nuggets and were eliminated from the Playoffs race. One of the players of Timberwolves, Anthony Timberwolves, Anthony, was devastated by the loss and throw a chair in his way as he entered the clubhouse. The Timberwolves were charged with third-degree assault by Denver Police on the Tuesday. According to the reports and the news Viral on Reddit 2 employees were injured by the folding chairs being thrown by Anthony and have filed charges against Anthony.

Details About Anthony Edwards

Anthony Edwards was born on August 5 2001. He is an experienced pro American basketball player with the NBA. He is currently in the lineup of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Edwards was raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and played in college basketball at The University of Georgia. He was the first pick with the Timberwolves in the 2020 NBA draft. Many have compared him to the best NBA player Michael Jordan.

Edwards Mother passed away in the year 2015 of cancer. He was 15. His brothers Antoine as well as his sister, Antoinette cared for Edwards. Antoine and Antoinette share the legal care of Anthony. Edwards played one college basketball season at his home institution, the University of Georgia before declaring for 2020’s NBA draft. He was selected first overall with Minnesota Timberwolves. Minnesota Timberwolves.

Further Proceedings on Anthony’s Chair Controversy

The following day, Anthony’s attorney attacked the Denver police’s third-degree assault charge that are now on Twitter going viral. He stated, “Anthony never intended to harm anyone. And the most important thing to remember is that he did not swing the chair to move the chair aside in order to move.”

The incident caused quite an uproar in social media, and became the subject of numerous heated debates. But Anthony’s lawyer has argued a convincing defense. The lawyer’s declaration also gives insight into Anthony’s mindset after he lost a crucial match and the motivations for his actions. Video of Anthony throwing his chair has become all over the social media platform Tiktok.


After losing an encounter against the Nuggets, Anthony, a Timberwolves player, became upset and threw chairs when he went to the area for lockers. The chairs could have inflicted injury on two employees. Therefore, he’s been accused of assault and other third-degree charges. However, his lawyer explained his motives and mental state. To learn more regarding Anthony Edwards. Click here.

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