Anti-Bird Netting: FAQs and Common Mistakes to Avoid

Welcome to our guide on anti-bird netting—your secret weapon for keeping your garden, crops, and property bird-free. In this post, we’ll tackle the frequently asked questions about anti-bird netting and help you steer clear of common mistakes that can hinder your success.

What is Anti-Bird Netting?

Anti-bird netting is a protective barrier made of lightweight, durable materials designed to deter birds from accessing specific areas. It’s your solution for safeguarding gardens, crops, and structures. Again, it’s important to note that it acts as a barrier. It’s not designed to harm birds, and it means that areas they like will be blocked off. This includes roofs and ledges, usually ideal for building safe nests.

Is It Safe for Birds?

Absolutely. Properly installed anti-bird netting is a humane way to deter birds without causing harm. It acts as a visual barrier, ensuring that birds don’t get tangled or injured. There are no sharp areas or places where they can land. Thus, they fly away without coming into contact with the netting. The most important aspect to realise is that proper installation is crucial. Hiring professionals for installation is best since they use better quality materials and ensure birds aren’t harmed by the design. For high-standard anti-bird netting, contact Apex Bird Control. Their team will ensure a bespoke design is used on your property to solve your bird problem.

Where Can I Use It?

You can use anti-bird netting virtually anywhere birds pose a threat. Popular applications include gardens, orchards, vineyards, and warehouses. In particular, the netting is suitable for residential and business properties. A perimeter is created for the netting to be attached securely.

How do I Choose the Right Type of Netting?

Consider factors like the type of birds you’re dealing with, the area you need to protect, and your budget. Mesh size, material, and UV resistance are also important considerations. If you’re not sure, this is where bird control professionals come in. They’re going to give you advice on what they recommend. With years of experience, the team will know exactly what will work for your property.

What is the Lifespan of Anti-Bird Netting?

With proper care and maintenance, anti-bird netting can last for several years. Regularly inspect and clean the netting to ensure its longevity. With expert bird control companies, they start by installing quality materials. This is often the key to long-lasting solutions. So, this gives you a good start, and then the netting is practically maintenance-free.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

There are some mistakes people make when it comes to anti-bird netting. This means that they’re not happy with the final result or feel like they’ve wasted their money. Let’s take a look at what they are so you can avoid them.

Incorrect Installation Techniques

One of the biggest blunders is improper installation. Make sure the netting is taut and securely fastened to prevent birds from finding gaps. Unless you have experience, it’s best to hire professionals. Birds are smart and can be crafty; if there are gaps, they’ll find them.

Neglecting Regular Maintenance

Don’t forget about your netting after installation. Regularly check for damage and debris. Clean it to maintain its effectiveness. Know that some are going to be maintenance-free if they’re made from quality materials.

Choosing the Wrong Type of Netting

Selecting the wrong netting can lead to disappointment. Research and consider your specific needs before making a purchase. If you have a bird infestation already, you’ll need to learn more about it to ensure you select the right netting.

Ignoring Ethical and Environmental Considerations

We must strike a balance between bird control and conservation. Be mindful of non-target species and create bird-friendly environments alongside netting. You want to ensure that you look after your property and avoid nests, but also ensure that birds are healthy.

Benefits of Proper Installation

When you get it right, the benefits are immense. Properly installed anti-bird netting provides reliable protection, preserving your crops and keeping your property bird-free. If you don’t have the tools or experience to install the netting yourself, ensure you hire a bird control company. The extra money you spend is worth it.

Tips for Effective Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to long-term success. Clean your netting, repair any damage promptly, and inspect it regularly to ensure it remains effective. If you don’t want this hassle, ensure yu choose a maintenance-free design.


As you embark on your anti-bird netting journey, remember that knowledge is your best ally. Use this guide to avoid common pitfalls and confidently protect your spaces. With the right netting and a bird-friendly mindset, you’ll enjoy a beautiful, bird-free environment.

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