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AnyWebp Review: Free Web to JPG Converter for PC and Mac

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WEBP to JPG or similar file format conversion is essential to view these files on the computer. Due to lacking native support, there are hardly any image viewers that can decode these files. However, with time, most OS have become capable of executing these files by adding native support.

But those who cannot view the WebP files on their device, especially on mobile phones, need a third-party tool to change the file format to something more reliable such as jpg or png. All image viewers universally accept that. 

What is Called a Webp File? 

Webp file is the next-generation image format developed by Google. It was created to make files less bulky so a website can load faster. By understanding how to use it, you enhance the overall user experience (UX). 

Google developed Webp tool 2010 to provide smaller images for websites. In 2011, the tech giant launched the lossless compression mode. This helped website owners reduce image sizes by 45%.

AnyWebp – Free Image Converter for WEBP to JPG Conversion

Anywebp allows you to batch convert Webp to JPG in multiple formats. It is available online but also supports offline webp to jpg conversion. With it, you can convert hundreds of WebP images to JPG or PNG in just one click! 

You get lots of features like conversion format options, output quality plans, and selectable image size, Anywebp works on Windows and Mac operating systems. Plus, it doesn’t take too much storage after installation. 

To ensure data protection, this webp to JPG converter uses JS and VUE technology. Another perk with Anywebp is fast processing speed – you can convert hundreds of files at a time. Furthermore, the format outputs allow easy uploading and conversion. 

Even better, the 24/7 customer support ensures that any issue you may have will be resolved promptly. 

AnyWebp Key Features: 

  • A free webp converter for the web, Windows, and macOS. 
  • Converts webp to jpg or png with simple steps.
  • Compress the image size while ensuring high quality
  • Batch convert webp to png at once to improve your productivity. 
  • The use process is straightforward. No advanced skills are required. 
  • There is no watermark on the converted image, which makes the image easy to use and share. 

AnyWebp: Steps to Convert Webp to JPG Online 

Step 1: Go to AnyWebp.com and drop your webp files into the converter’s interface. Note that you can add multiple files if you want to finish batch webp file conversion at once.

Step 2: Once the webp file is uploaded, customize the output features, including formats, quality, and size. For example, if you want to convert webp to jpg and make the converted image 2x than the original, choose “Jpeg” and “2x” from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Click the “Start” button for a single webp file conversion. Or you can click the “Convert all images” button to do the batch conversion at once. 

Step 4: Once the jpg images get ready, save them by hitting “Download.” 

Note: If you don’t like to convert webp to jpg online, you can download Anywebp on Mac or Windows, then batch convert webp files offline without any risk. The usage of the program is same as its online version. Import your webp files to the program, choose the output formats, then click “Convert”. You will get jpg images in seconds. 

Does AnyWebp Charge a Fee? 

Anywebp can be used on the web, Windows and Mac. Using Anywebp online is 100% free. You do not need to create an account or subscribe to a plan before webp can be converted to jpg. If you are using the application on windows, you can still enjoy the free service. However, if you are a Mac user, you will need to pay a small fee to use Anywebp on a Mac. 

Webp Files FAQs: 

1. Can I bulk convert Webp to jpg without downloading software? 

Anywebp online can help. To bulk convert webp to jpg, click the `choose files’ tab, drag the images on the dotted area, click on `start conversion’ to convert them, and then download the JPG file. Lastly, you can use other editing tools to crop the images, add captions, remove the background, etc. 

2. Is a JPG file always better than a Webp file? 

While both formats make images smaller and easier to share, the Webp file format makes the images much smaller. According to Google, such images are 25-30% smaller compared to the original ones. Each of the two formats has its own use. 

3. How to open a Webp file for viewing easily? 

The easiest way to open a Webp file is on the browser. Simply drag and drop the image on a new window and right-click on it. If you’re using Chrome or Firefox, double-click the image.

4. Can I use Anywebp on Windows and Mac? 

Yes, you can download AnyWebp to convert webp to jpg on Windows and Mac computers. Offline webp to jpg conversion service is also convenient especially when you lose internet connection. Don’t worry about the output quality. Whether you are using Anywebp online or offline, you can get the best converted jpg or png images. 


Webp is arguably the most efficient way to display images on the web. It’s only a fraction of the JPG images and works seamlessly with Windows and Mac operating systems. What’s more, this format provides lossless compression without compromising on quality. But there are still lots of media or platforms that don’t support this file. 

In this article we present a quick and easy way to convert webp to jpg. If you are looking for the best webp to jpg converter, don’t hesitate to try AnyWebP. We hope that this tool will help you to optimize your images in a faster way.

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