Apex Anniversary 2022 Event How to obtain the Bloodhound Prestige Skin

Are you eager to attend the Apex Anniversary Event? You want to learn about the challenges and rewards that await you at the Apex Anniversary event.

Many gamers in the United States of America, Canada, Australia and other countries are seeking the Apex Event 2022

The Apex Anniversary 2022 Eventdetails guide will help you to end the wait and increase your excitement.

When does Apex Event get started?

Apex Legends will celebrate its third anniversary with the collection Event on February 15, 2022. Apex Content has shown that it will include a lot new Epic and Legendary cosmetics for purchase within one week of the Season 12 start.

Bloodhound’s latest Prestige Skin is the most fascinating update. This was originally shown in the Apex Legends Season 12 clip. It would be more difficult to obtain it, however. Keep reading for more information about the event.

How can you claim the rewards from the Apex Anniversary 2022 Event ?

For every 24 anniversary Collection Event item, you will receive a new beautiful Skin for Bloodhound. Each event product can be purchased separately with Crafting Materials or Apex Coins just like in previous Collection Events.

Event packs can be purchased that give you rare items from the occasion pool.

How can I unlock tiers at the Apex Event?

Another Apex Content video clips shows that the Prestige Skin of Bloodhound has upgradeable tiers. This is in contrast to an heirloom.

The Apex Anniversary first tier can be easily obtained by winning the skin at the Collection Event of its Anniversary.

To unlock more tiers, you will need to perform tasks. You may also unlock more Bloodhound executions after you reach the third level.

Accordingly, to unlock and obtain the third and second levels of the tiers, you will need to do 100 000 and 30 000 damage.

Is it possible to complete all the challenges required for the final level?

It will take most gamers a while to complete the challenges. The good news is that once you unlock the skin you’ll have unlimited time to complete all the prerequisites.

Therefore, it’s not necessary to rush to reach the last tier in Apex Anniversary 2022 Event.

How to obtain the Bloodhound Prestige Skin

Participating in the Collection Event for its Anniversary is the only way to get the Bloodhound Prestige Skin.

Prestige skins could be purchased in the future with a similar payment to those purchased with heirloom pieces. Respawn hasn’t confirmed this.


Apex Legends will be celebrating its anniversary in the same way as always. It’s Respawn’s third anniversary and they celebrate it with 3 weeks full of rewards, free items and other goodies.

Apex, which was launched in 2019, offers four major seasonal updates for players world-wide, including various Town Takeovers (Town Takeovers) and Collection Events like the Apex Anniversary 2022 Event.

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