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ApsaraIyer LinkedIn will talk about the latest news, her accomplishments, and what it was like to reach this position.

Did you hear the announcement about Harvard Law’s new president? Who is the new president of Harvard Law? Who did she replace, and who are they? What do you know about Apsara?

Apsara Iyer is a prominent figure in the United States news headlines. We will briefly discuss her journey to Harvard Law in Apsara Iyerpost.

What’s the most recent news?

This news story is about a 29 year-old Indian-American student who was elected as the 137th President of Harvard Law Review. The Harvard Law Review was founded in 1887 and is the oldest student-run legal magazine. Apsara has been researching repatriation of art crimes since 2018. Apsara replaces Priscila Corondo, the respected publication’s first Latina president.

Coronado stated that Apsara was her greatest achievement. She has always amazed her colleagues by her intelligence, thoughtfulness and compassion. She is certain that she will continue to improve the lives of many people and that she will continue to do so in future.

Who is Apsara ? – Do you know her?

  • Apsara Iyer, an Indian-American student, is elected at 29 to the office of the Harvard Law Review’s 137th president.
  • In 2016, she graduated from Yale with a degree in Economics, Math, Spanish.
  • As a result, she pursued an MPhil at Oxford University as a Clarendon Scholar because of her interest in archaeology.
  • Iyer joined the Manhattan District Attorney’s Antiquities Trafficking Unit in 2018.
  • She was researching crime and art in the area, and she assisted authorities in returning more than 11,000 stolen art works to 15 different countries.
  • Crimson says Apsara Iyer Harvard has always been interested in creating a link between communities and managing cultural heritage.
  • In 2020, she began her Harvard Law School studies.
  • She was a member the International Human Rights Clinic as well as the South Asian Law Students Association.

What has Apsara Iyer to say about these issues?

Apsara is thrilled to have been accepted into this prestigious organization that has diverse legal interests. She said that her goal was to get more editors involved in the selection and reading of papers, while maintaining the publication’s reputation as a high-quality publication. She stated that she was going to be focusing on keeping the lights on and all things running after ApsaraIyer Harvardjoined.


Apsara Iyer was elected the 137th president Harvard Law Review. She is the first Indian-American student ever to hold this prestigious post. Here are some details. Click here to view LinkedIn news.

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