Archie Verspeeten Obituary Who Was Archie Verspeeten? How Did He Die?

Archie Verspeeten, a name synonymous with philanthropy and entrepreneurship, left a lasting legacy alongside his late wife, Irene. Born in Ontario, Archie embarked on a remarkable journey, founding Verspeeten Cartage at just 22 years old. Despite his humble beginnings and a mere Grade 6 education, Archie’s determination saw his venture grow into a family-run empire over seven decades. His wife, Irene, alongside him, shared a vision of giving back, deeply impacting their community.

What Is the Significance of Their $20 Million Donation?

In a historic move, the Verspeeten family announced a donation of $20 million to the London Health Sciences Foundation. This monumental contribution, the largest ever received by the medical center, is earmarked for the London Regional Cancer Centre. The center will be renamed the Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre, a testament to the family’s generosity. This donation is not just a financial boost but a transformative act for cancer care and research, potentially impacting thousands of lives.

How Did Archie Verspeeten Build His Legacy?

Archie’s journey is a classic tale of grit and resilience. Starting with a single truck, he defied his father’s doubts about the trucking industry. His venture, Verspeeten Cartage, remained 100% family-owned and operated, expanding its footprint across multiple cities. Archie’s retirement in 2006 marked the end of an era but not his influence. His business acumen and community involvement continued to shape his legacy.

What Inspired the Verspeetens’ Philanthropy?

Archie’s philanthropy was driven by a deep sense of community and a desire to give back. His humility was evident in his reactions to public gratitude; he preferred to stay away from the limelight. The motivation behind the family’s generosity was to inspire others to contribute. This selfless approach reflects a genuine commitment to making a difference, transcending mere financial assistance.

How Has Their Giving Impacted the Community?

The Verspeeten family’s philanthropy extends beyond this latest donation. Their contributions have been pivotal in various community projects, including significant donations to the Delhi Community Health Centre. The Archie and Irene Verspeeten Clinical Genome Centre at London Health Sciences Centre is another testament to their commitment to healthcare innovation. These contributions have not only improved facilities and services but also fostered a spirit of community giving.

What Are Some of the Verspeetens’ Notable Contributions?

Apart from the $20 million donation, the Verspeetens have been consistent benefactors. In 2018, they made a $1.5 million donation to the Delhi Community Health Centre, leading to the creation of the Archie and Irene Verspeeten Family Wing. Earlier, in 2022, a $3 million contribution was made to the London Health Sciences Foundation for the clinical genome center. Their $1.8 million donation towards a new CT scanner at the Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital further underscores their commitment to healthcare advancements.

How Will This Donation Shape the Future of Cancer Care?

This $20 million donation is more than financial support; it’s a beacon of hope for cancer patients and their families. Renaming the cancer center to the Verspeeten Family Cancer Centre is a fitting tribute and a constant reminder of the family’s impact. The funds will likely accelerate cancer research, improve treatment facilities, and potentially lead to groundbreaking discoveries in cancer care.

What Is the Community’s Response to This Generosity?

The community’s response has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing deep gratitude for the Verspeeten family’s contributions. Their generosity has not only enhanced healthcare services but also inspired others to contribute. The Verspeetens have become a symbol of philanthropy in the region, setting a high standard for community involvement and support.

How Can Others Honor Archie Verspeeten’s Memory?

To honor Archie Verspeeten’s memory, the family suggests donations to the Delhi Community Health Centre or Campfire Circle (Camp Trillium). These contributions continue his legacy of supporting causes he held dear. Additionally, reflecting on and being inspired by his life story can motivate others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and give back to their communities.


Archie and Irene Verspeeten’s lives were characterized by hard work, determination, and an unwavering commitment to their community. Their $20 million donation is not just a financial gesture but a symbol of their life’s work and values. As the London Regional Cancer Centre prepares to bear their name, it stands as a testament to the Verspeeten family’s legacy—a legacy that will continue to inspire and impact lives for generations to come.

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