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Are Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction Related

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Erectile dysfunction is a problem that many males face today worldwide. In this particular sexual illness, men are not able to achieve erections, sufficiently to have desirable sexual performance. This condition prevents the man to have intercourse or not able to finish the same properly. This condition can take place at any age. However, it is more common in older males than adults. But, this issue with potency is not only associated with getting older. As and when the male ages, there will be requirements for greater stimulation to achieve erections. There might be a tendency that old males to require greater time in between the subsequent erections. For achieving erections, males must have a healthy blood supply, and nerves along with a hormonal balance.  Fildena 100mg and Vidalista 20mg is used to help with erection development during sexual activity. Also, there is a requirement for the desire for arousal. The causative agents for erectile dysfunction can be many. It includes both physiological as well as psychological factors. Men having diabetes tend to develop erectile dysfunction around 10-15 years earlier in comparison to healthy ones. As the man with diabetes ages, the condition of impotence becomes much more prevalent. By the time they reach the age of around 50 years, the likelihood of the occurrence of erection issues is found to be in approximately 50-60% of the males suffering from diabetes. When the age reaches 70 or more, there is a tendency of 95% of diabetic patients to face difficulty with erection issues.

How diabetes lead to impotence

This particular sexual dysfunction is health compliant in males and is being associated with having problems in obtaining and sustaining normal erections. It is being caused due to:

  • Inadequate supply of blood towards the male reproductive organ. The blood is being supplied by arteries.
  • Nerve dysfunction in the male reproductive region
  • Lack of enticing sexual arousal, perceived through the brain

When an individual is having blood sugar, it results in damage to nerves as well as the blood vessels in the entire body. This particular nerve damage known as neuropathy is initiated from the toe and fingers and with time it moves its way upwards. This is actually resulting in the slowing of the lost sense of feeling in the affected regions of the body. Due to the damage is done to the blood vessels as well nerves, there will contribution towards the reduction in the blood flow towards the penile region and at the same time difficulty in attaining and keeping the erections firm and hard enough for a desirable intimacy session.

Are Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction Related

This strong association between diabetes and erectile issues is well-known among the medical community, however, it is not prevalent among the general population.

Treatment for diabetes and erectile problems

Men who are having diabetes and trouble with having and sustaining erections can consume oral pills. This includes avanafil, sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil. Since many diabetic people are also having issues with their hearts, as such Fildena 150  may not be appropriate. They make counter interact with some of the cardiac conditions. So, before beginning your treatment for ED, contact your health care specialist. The doctor will diagnose your health condition and decide upon the correct and best course of treatment for you. Some of the additional treatments for men with blood include injection therapy, vacuum pump devices, venous constriction equipment, and penile prosthesis. So, the right treatment for the patient is dependent upon the individual health condition and their capability to tolerate the therapy.

Sometimes diabetes may also undergo undiagnosed. Thus, it is not uncommon that a man with such a condition may the erectile dysfunction. So if an individual is finding difficulty to achieve normal erections, then the best is to consult a specialist who can look at the entire health and not just the sexual one. As soon as the condition of diabetes becomes controlled, there will be an improvement in the blood sugar level. This prevents the nerves as well as the blood vessel damage, thereby causing severe impotence.

Lifestyle tips to prevent the risk of erectile dysfunction

Lifestyle tips to prevent the risk of erectile dysfunction include:

Diet pattern

It is important to improve your diet pattern. So, you should consume food that includes whole grains, fruits, and vegetables and reduce the intake of refined carbs as much as possible. Also, the simple carbs present in processed as well as junk food can lead to an elevation in the level of blood sugar.

Weight loss

Even when an individual loses 7% of the overall weight, there will be a reduction in diabetes risk along with the complication that is associated with it.

Active lifestyle

Exercising improves cardiac health and also helps in losing weight. These two factors play an important role in managing the condition of blood sugar and erectile issues.

Quit smoking

Also, smoking makes it very difficult to manage diabetes. It is due to the reason that it is detrimental to the capability of the body to regulate the insulin hormone. So, it’s better to quit smoking to better manage your condition.


Today diabetes is on the rise and an even younger population is coming under its grip. So, it is extremely crucial to manage the overall health condition including sexual health. Take appropriate action to reduce the risk of ED before the condition become severe. It is also important to know that low levels of testosterone in the male of any age group can also contribute to sluggish libido and worsen sexual functioning in males.

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