Junkyard Engines: How to Tell If They’re Good

Many engines can be incredibly useful but are thrown away as junk. With this in mind, you’ve probably decided to check out some junkyard engines for your vehicle. But picking the wrong one can burn a very big hole in your pocket.

The engines you see in junkyards can be rotting over the years, plagued with grime and debris build-up. Even when you clean those engines- there is still no guarantee they might work well for a long time.

So, does that mean they’re not a good choice, or if you have one already it’s useless? That’s far from the truth because we truly do believe that one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. 

Read on to find out if junkyard engines are indeed a good choice for your car, the best ones available in the market today, and where you can find them easily from good dealers. 

Are junkyard engines useful? 

Yes, junkyard engines can be incredibly useful depending on whether you need them for engine swaps or for replacing a faulty engine. 

But, it’s important to make sure you inspect the engine properly and make sure it’s in good condition before you pick it for your car.

It’s important to remember that those engines are in a junkyard for a reason – they might have gas or other issues that you’ll need to look out for. 

Additionally, it’s important to use the engine that works best for your car. Don’t pressurize your car into using an engine that it’s not compatible with. 

Overall, junkyard engines are really useful for those people that are looking to save money or engine replacements – but caution should be taken before making a final decision.

If you want junkyard engines with better workability- it pays off to check a good dismantler that can help you pick a higher-quality engine for your car. 

Which Are The Best Junkyard engines? 

The best and most reliable junkyard engines for sale in today’s time are  

  • Chevy Engines: Whether you have a classy corvette or a C-10 truck, these engines are known for their long-term reliability. Most of them are known to last for multiple years – and their parts are easily available in the market.

  • Pontiac Engines: These engines are the easiest to repair out there. If you get your hands on one, they’re known to offer pretty good power and are dependable for the long term in most cases.

  • Ford Engines: The V8 engines that Ford produces are one of the most robust engines out there and are considered the best engines ever built. Many of them require less maintenance even after being used for many years.

  • Honda Engines: These engines are made with strict detailing and are known to have good quality which doesn’t usually wear out over time. The materials used in building Honda engines give them a better build compared to other engines.   

  • Toyota Engines: They are known to last longer and they are built in such a way that their aluminum pistons don’t wear out easily. Their quality makes it hard to break them down and hand’s down are the best if you’re looking for a long-term working engine. 

Where Can I Buy Junkyard Engines? 

There are many options for buying junkyard engines – the top two are through online retailers or salvage yards that you can contact to see if they have the engine that you’re looking for. Some popular salvage yards include B&R Auto Parts, AutoGator, etc.

On the other hand, when looking for online retailers – you can check out used engines for high-quality engines that have the most affordable prices & come with a full warranty too. It’s your best option when looking for an engine replacement for your car on a budget. 


Buying a junkyard engine can be a great way to save money if you’re looking for an engine replacement. But, it’s extremely important to know for sure that the engine you pick for your car is compatible with it and isn’t damaged beyond repair. 

By performing a thorough inspection to check for its age and mileage, looking at its historical reliability, and purchasing from a qualified dealer – you can get an engine worth your investment. If you’re looking for an engine replacement – we have just the thing for you.

Pick from the largest inventory in the U.S. of used engines and transmissions for your vehicle. Get engines from classic Chevy to Ford, Nissan, Dodge, Hummer, Mercedes, and many more. Contact 1800-518-9776 today!  

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