Are There Any Free Reliable Reverse Phone Lookup Services That Provide Reliable Information?

Every once and a while, we’ll receive a strange call from a foreign phone number. We don’t know who this person is or what they want. What can make this more disconcerting is how the same number may pop up throughout the day. But when we reply, they hang up. Such a scenario is why reverse phone lookup services are ideal.

But, are there any free reliable reverse phone lookup services that provide reliable information? In short, no, there are no “free” reverse phone lookup services, although many of the ones available are very reliable. We’ll tell you all about this kind of service along with how to assess the reliability of different companies, which services come highly recommended, the limitations of free services, and other such pertinent information.

The Popularity of Reverse Phone Lookup Services

People flock to reverse phone lookup services because unknown and robo-callers are becoming an ever-increasing problem. This is widely available to the public and many of these services also offer additional information about an owner’s number, such as criminal background checks, other aliases, and social media pages.

So, if someone is sending strange texts or leaving obscene voicemails, you’ll be able to, theoretically, find out who owns the number. If the messages are life-threatening or harassing in some way, you can pass this information on to the police.

Assessing the Reliability of Free Services

There are many reverse phone lookup services that boast being “free.” In the unlikely event, you are able to find one that’s bona fide free, you’re exposing yourself to hackers. This means any truly free services aren’t actually bereft of price; you’ll pay for it but in ways you wouldn’t typically prefer.

Recommended Free Reverse Phone Lookup Services

There are only a handful of reliable reverse phone lookup services. While many advertise being “free,” they’re not. You will have to either pay a monthly installment or a one-time fee. Regardless, the following list contains some of the best services available.

1. Number Tracker

The security of this reverse phone lookup service is top-notch. You simply create an account, purchase credits, and then look up whatever number for as many credits as you have. Their 10-credit plan means you spend $1 per search and their 50-credit plan entails paying $0.52 per search. This is the best deal available online. They also offer a free phone carrier lookup service you can use without paying a dime or even creating an account.

2. Spokeo

What makes Spokeo one of the best reverse phone lookup services is their impeccable customer service, consistent customer feedback inquiries and they provide a detailed report about the phone number in question. The only thing they offer for free, however, is the location of the phone number. Everything else you will have to pay for and they have several options/tiers. But, their reports include family, associations, email addresses, court records, work history, social media, photo, and, of course, the owner’s full name.

3. BeenVerified

BeenVerified is the best reverse phone lookup service today. Not only can you do a search on strange numbers, but you can also find phone numbers based on email addresses, a person’s name or other personal data. You can also use the service to find people, search usernames, hunt down vehicles and discover unclaimed property. Their services are so vast, it’s worth purchasing one of their premium membership plans.

Limitations of Free Services

Unfortunately, such free service sites have absolutely no security and it leaves your IP address and other sensitive data available for anyone to grab. Things like your phone number, address and other information will be easy for nefarious characters to see. It means you’re wide open for identity theft, which is next to impossible to recover.

Premium vs. Free Options for Reverse Phone Lookup

When considering a reverse phone lookup service, you may want to resign yourself to a premium membership or simply pay per search. This is because free services, if they exist, often lack the funding to compile the right data or they’re simply not secure enough to protect you and your personal information.

When you submit your sensitive data to one of these free places, you are subjecting yourself to hackers, malware, viruses and other disasters. Paid sites, on the other hand, use the money earned to keep their sites functional, useful, up-to-date and secure. The money goes to hiring and paying highly trained IT personnel while being able to maintain daily operational costs for things like testing, data entry and customer support.


Understand, free isn’t always better. In fact, it leaves you open to things like malware, hackers, viruses and exposing your personal information to nefarious characters. Still, the paid ones will glean great results and help identify strange callers while protecting yourself from those who may wish you harm.

Christopher Stern

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