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Are There Wireless Headphones for TV and Use guideline

If you are a heavy gamer, an all-night binge watcher, or adore noiseless home theatres, you may desire wireless headphones to link with your TV. Soundcore offers a convenient solution of wireless headphones compatible with your televisions that enable you to follow your interest with peace. The wireless headphones for TV work similarly to the Bluetooth headsets. Yet, these also present a wireless transmitter with headphones to make your experience more enjoyable. It offers multiple purposes of blocking the outside noise or avoiding any disturbance to the neighbors at night. 

Above all, linking wireless headphones with TV isn’t even challenging. This article provides a basic guideline to connect headphones with TV and highlights the major considerations that the users may want to know before connecting theirs. 

What makes Wireless headphones for TV outshine other headsets? 

Headsets enable you to enjoy your personal space by connecting it with different devices. Yet, if you like to watch or play games on high volume but worry about disturbing your neighbors or other family members, wireless headphones for TV are the best solution. Its functionality seems similar to the Bluetooth speakers, but no, it doesn’t end here. The wireless headphones for TV also allow you to do other chores when watching TV without worrying about wires plugging off or intruding. 

Yet, ensure that you choose wireless headphones for TV that are suitable for your device to maximize the experience. We humbly suggest you trust Soundcore wireless headphones for TV if you are indecisive about what to choose. 

Steps to connect wireless headphones with TV 

The following steps guide you to a convenient way of connecting and ensuring a trouble-free listening experience. 

The first step is to pair your wireless headphones with the TV. Turn on the Bluetooth mode of your headphones. If you can’t find it on your wireless headphones for TV, consult the manual provided with your model to find and turn it on. Switch on your TV’s Bluetooth for successful pairing. Go to the Bluetooth option, select add a new device, let it search, and click on your headphone’s Bluetooth name. Let the devices pair, and you are ready to go. 

What to do when unable to connect Soundcore wireless headphones to the TV? 

In case of troubleshooting, you can follow a few steps to ensure a convenient experience. The initial step is to check the compatibility of your Soundcore wireless headphones for TV with your device. It is significant because your headphones won’t connect if it doesn’t support your TV’s model. The next step calls for consulting the manual to pair these devices. 

However, if it still doesn’t work, turn off the Bluetooth of your devices and restart to connect. It works as a reset. Yet, if these steps don’t work, you can contact Soundcore’s customer service to get prompt assistance or let the professionals tackle your problem. 

Can I use wireless headphones with non-Bluetooth TVs? 

Several televisions don’t have built-in Bluetooth. It doesn’t mean wireless headphones aren’t for you. Soundcore wireless headphones for TV allow you to connect your headsets with non-Bluetooth devices. Connect a Bluetooth transmitter or adapter with your TV and pair it with wireless headphones to ensure similar functionality and a convenient experience. 


Hence, wireless headphones for TV are the best essentials for people interested in building a home theatre, high-pitched gaming zone, or want to enjoy a solo experience in high qualitative sound. Soundcore wireless headphones for TV, besides offering these noiseless benefits, also provide IPX7 resistance and long battery life to maximize your enjoyment time with the best. 

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