Are you traveling abroad with medications? Here is how to organize them!

So you are heading out on a long trip and you are on prescriptions. Well, packing all your medications requires more plans than it could for travelers who don’t rely on prescriptions. Even travelers who are not dealing with any medical condition need to carry prescribed antibiotics, anti-malarial, etc. to prevent illness during their stay in a different country. Whatever the case is, traveling with medications can be a pain while you are packing your essentials. However, when you have all the medications, your travel goes smoothly. 

Here, we’ll tell you how to organize medications while traveling. First, let us discuss in brief what you should do before you go.

Before you go-

  • Don’t plan to buy your medicines at your destination. These medications may not be available at the destination. Even if you find them, they may not meet the UK quality standards. 
  • Buy medicines from licensed pharmacies only and make sure that the drug has the same active ingredients.
  • Make an appointment with a travel medicine specialist and get all the needed vaccines. It is crucial to vaccinate against diphtheria, yellow fever, mumps, typhoid, COVID19, etc.
  • Ask your doctor about any changes to taking medicines once you reach your destination with a different time zone.
  • If medicine is banned at the destination, talk to your healthcare provider about alternative medicine options. 

Now let’s discuss how to organize your medications while traveling-

Checked or carry-on bags?

You can pack your medications in a carry-on or a checked bag. However, it is recommended that you place your medicines in a carry-on bag. This way, it will be easy for you to have your medicines when there is an emergency. Another important thing to consider is that checked bags can get misplaced easily. You may require to declare the items to security if they want to x-ray it. With carry-on bags, you know where the medications are.

Understand the importance of containers

Place all your medications in their original containers. You can keep them in a clear plastic bag or transparent cosmetic pouch to make everything go smoothly at check-in. Also, if you run out of your medications while traveling, you can easily show the container to a pharmacist and get the same medication or an alternative.

Have a written prescription with you

It is one of the most important things to keep in mind when you are planning to travel overseas. Speak to your doctor and ask for a written prescription. Take this prescription along with you should you run out of these medications. This point is even more important if you regularly take medicines like anti-anxiety pills or painkillers. You can also ask your physician to write a letter describing your health condition and why you need medications. With all your medications in your bag and a written prescription, you won’t face any troubles later. 

Hopefully, these points will help you organize your medications better. Keep these handfuls of things in mind the next time you plan to travel abroad.

Christopher Stern

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