Arielle Charnas Husband :- Final summary

Arielle Charnas Husband This post contains details about Arielle’s spouse as well as a response from her representative to false charges that have been floating around the media.

Are you looking for the latest information on Arielle Charnas and Brandon Charnas splitting rumours. There was some speculation about the couple’s marital status in the past twenty-four hours on social media platforms. After Arielle Charnas removed her comments section on Instagram, netizens from the United States as well as the Canada discussed the split rumours on Reddit.

She also deleted a lot of photos from Instagram and was not seen with her wedding ring. Reddit thread also discussed ArielleCharnas Husband involvement with money embezzlement at the Something Navy account.

Brandon Charnas Wiki:

The Charnas divorce was announced by the couple. Social media users have been very interested in the Brandon Charnas money embezzlement story.

Brandon Charnas Embezzlement:

Arielle Charnas removed some photos and posts from her social media account, leading to speculations that the couple had split. Reddit user thread posted the news about Brandon’s embezzlement. The thread discussed the fact that Brandon had siphoned money from the account at Something Navy and the couple is splitting.

A few digital media outlets shared the news that insiders would reveal the true story of money embezzlement within a matter of hours. The siphoning of money from an account at Something Navy was also cited as the main reason for the couple’s separation. A clarification by Arielle and the CEO of Something Navy has put to rest the Divorce rumour.

Some Navy Response to Money Embezzlement

Matthew Scanlan, CEO of Something Navy, has denied rumors that money was embezzled from the company’s account. Matthew clarified further that the rumours of money embezzlement from the company account are “categorically false” while Brandon Charnas does not have access to it. He is not an employee and does not have access to the company account.

Arielle’s representative also dismissed the rumour of a split in response to media inquiries about the separation. It stated that “this is patently false” and that “they are happily married, in love”.

Arielle Charnas Family, Scandal

This is the Charnas’ second controversy in four years. The coronavirus controversy in 2019 erupted. This led to backlash from social network users in the United States, and Canada. It also ended the collaboration between Something Navy (Nordstrom)

Most citizens were annoyed by the lack of access to a test kit and the inability of family members to move during the quarantine period. The testing kit was unavailable to the general public at the peak of the pandemic. Arielle shared that the kit she received from her friend, a doctor, during her post. After Nordstrom’s departure, the fashion designer did well.

Arielle Charnas Husband Net Worth:

Brandon is self-made and has achieved great success in his career. After completing his law degree at the university, he joined several firms before co-founding the venture. According to media reports Brandon is worth $Million.

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Final verdict:

Arielle representative and CEO of Something Navy has dismissed rumors about Brandon embezzling money. Brandon, however, has kept his Instagram account secret to avoid any public reactions.

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