Armenian Citizenship in 2024: Open a New Chapter

Gone are the days when Western Europe and North America were considered the pinnacle of civilization and progress. As of 2024, the planet has become a global village. Previously distressed and poor countries cleaned up their act turning into the most desired destinations to live in or immigrate to, with Armenia being one of their number. 

Located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe in the ancient Caucasus, Armenia is a nation that surprises you the more you learn about it. Sharing borders with Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey, Armenia is a mountain nation that is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Most probably, many of you may not even have heard about Armenia or the miracles it offers, so before we jump into the details of obtaining Armenian residency and citizenship, let’s discuss why someone would even wish to pick Armenia as their second residence or home.

Benefits and responsibilities of Armenian citizenship

Armenian citizenship brings a broad array of both rights and responsibilities with it. The benefits include eligibility for voting in national and local elections, participating in referendums, and engaging in public initiatives. In addition, those with Armenian citizenship enjoy the freedom of movement, residence, and employment not only within Armenia but also in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), with convenient visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to over 60 countries worldwide. This citizenship grants the right to access essential services, including public education, healthcare, social security, and various other public services and benefits within the borders of Armenia. 

As a citizen of Armenia, you will be entitled to own property, inherit, and conduct business in both Armenia and EAEU states, all while benefiting from the protective umbrella of the Armenian government and its diplomatic missions abroad. What is more, having Armenian citizenship means you are able to apply for an Armenian passport. The latter is a document containing personal and biometric data that simplifies international travel and identification.

The acquisition of Armenian citizenship comes with corresponding responsibilities that citizens are expected to fulfill. Foremost among these is the requirement for legal compliance, necessitating adherence to Armenian laws and the country’s constitution. This includes meeting your tax obligations and various civic duties. Another significant responsibility is related to military service. Armenian citizens are obliged to serve in the national Armed Forces or undertake alternative service unless exempted by law or a specific presidential decision. This underscores the integral role citizens play in the nation’s defense and security. 

There is also a responsibility of national allegiance, demanding citizens to safeguard Armenia’s sovereignty, security, and territorial integrity. This involves upholding national values and interests, which emphasizes the collective duty to actively contribute to the well-being and protection of the country.

Ties that bind: your routes to Armenian citizenship

Armenian citizenship can be acquired through several avenues as outlined by the Law of the Republic of Armenia on Citizenship:

  • By Birth: Individuals born in Armenia or those who have at least one Armenian citizen parent are deemed Armenian citizens.
  • By Descent: Citizenship can be acquired by descent if an individual has at least one ancestor who was an Armenian citizen or a native of Armenia, and applies within three years of turning 18.
  • By Marriage: Through marriage, you are allowed to obtain Armenian citizenship after being married to an Armenian citizen for at least two years. The related requirements include residing in Armenia for a minimum of 365 days during this period and passing a language and Constitution test.
  • By Naturalization: Eligibility for naturalization requires lawful residence in Armenia for three years, proficiency in the Armenian language and constitution, and a lawful source of income or property in the country. Renunciation of other citizenships is mandatory unless exempted by an international treaty or presidential decision.
  • By Restoration: Former Armenian citizens who voluntarily renounced their citizenship after January 1, 1995, may regain it if they meet naturalization criteria, excluding residency requirements.
  • By Group: A group of individuals sharing ethnic, cultural, religious, or linguistic ties historically connected to the nation may collectively express the will to acquire citizenship of Armenia. In this case, group naturalization criteria apply, excluding residency and language requirements.
  • By Exceptional Service: Significant contributions in fields like science, culture, sports, or national security may grant you citizenship, subject to renouncing other ones you may have unless specified otherwise by international treaties or the President of Armenia.

Procedures and requirements for acquiring Armenian citizenship in 2024

To apply for Armenian citizenship in 2024, be prepared to undertake a series of steps:

  1. Submit an application form and required documents to the Passport and Visa Department of the Police of Armenia or the nearest diplomatic or consular mission abroad.
  2. Pay the state duty that ranges from AMD 10,000 to AMD 50,000, depending on the acquisition method.
  3. Complete a test on the Armenian language and the Constitution of Armenia, administered by the Ministry of Education and Science.
  4. Receive a decision from the President of Armenia or an authorized body within 90 working days, indicating approval, rejection, or conditional status.
  5. If the decision is positive or conditional, take an oath of allegiance to the Republic of Armenia within six months from the decision date.
  6. Get your certificate of Armenian citizenship that is valid for one year and issued by the Passport and Visa Department or diplomatic mission, facilitating the application for an Armenian passport.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that meeting all the above requirements for Armenian citizenship does not unfortunately guarantee its acquisition. Rather, it remains a privilege subject to the discretion of the President of the Republic of Armenia. The decision to grant citizenship is entirely up to him and may or may not be conferred upon an applicant. It is crucial to note that no legal recourse is available to contest a rejection of your application for Armenian citizenship. 

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