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Army Of Thieves Wiki Synopsis As Per Army of Thieves Wiki

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Did you know about the newest Netflix original film, Army of Thieves? The film premiered all over the world on October 29, 2021 via Netflix and has received positive critic and public reviews.

The film was created from Germany as well as the United States, the film is gaining popularity throughout countries like the United KingdomIndia and other countries around the world. This is the precursor of The Army of the Dead film that was released in May 2021.

Today, in this post, we’ll provide all the details about the film, as listed at the Army of Thieves Wiki page, and also reading reviews.

What is the Army of Thieves?

Produced by Matthias Schweighofer Army of Thieves is based on a novel written by him as well as Zack Snyder. The film is the second installment of the Army of the Dead franchise and is a prequel the film that was first released.

The cast features some famous actors such as Nathalie Emmanuel Stuart Martin, Ruby O Fee, Guz Khan, and director Schweighofer himself. The film came out on the 29th of October, 2021 and was distributed by Netflix.

According to some information on the Internet The movie is available for purchase online in French, German, and English.

Synopsis As Per Army of Thieves Wiki

The movie is set six years prior to what transpired in the Army of the Dead. Bank teller Ludwig Dieter, is living a normal life. He goes under the name of Sebastian, his true name. Sebastian.

The zombie outbreak has been reported in report that is being reported across the world’s media. Ludwig has nightmares about zombies, even though the effects of the outbreak have not yet able to spread to Europe.

On one of his securecracking YouTube clips, Ludwig receives an anonymous comment requesting him to participate in a competition similar to the one he won. Ludwig takes the prize and gets to meet Gwendoline an expert jewel theft thief. She describes herself as the mysterious person who made comments in the video.

According to the Army of Thieves Wiki article, we say here that the girl is recruited by Dieter to help her group break into three famous safes that span across Europe. The heist team comprises from Gwendoline, Dieter, an expert hacker (Korina) and the shooter (Brad Cage) and an escape driver (Rolph).

The end of the film leads to some events that tie it with it. Army of the Dead film.

Audience Reviews And Reactions

The film has generally received mixed reviews to favorable ones. The film is receiving 71% approval from Rotten Tomatoes, 6.4/10 as per IMDb and 48 Metascore according to the Army of Thieves Wiki article.

One person mentioned that the film is predictable and is a straightforward film to heist. However, at an equal time, another stated that she did not know the exact sequence of events that occurred in the film, because their world was different.

The film is a bit random lengthy, boring, and long with the exception of Ludwig’s character. One user, however, said that this prequel film was much more thrilling in comparison to it’s predecessor, the Army of the Dead film. The film was an enjoyable ride and it was a pleasant surprise worth watching.

Did you see”The Army of Thievesfilm? Review it in the comment box.


Army of Thieves Wiki article discussed the most recent and thrilling prequel to The Army of the Dead. It features some incredible actors and culminating in the incidents from Army of the Dead, fans have both adored and denigrated the film.

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