Assisted living Arcadia- Know everything before choosing the assisted living community

Beloved elders of your family deserve respect from everyone. However, although you have love and affection for these seniors, it is often difficult to take the best care of them. Even some aged persons lose their ability to live independently. So, how will you manage the situation? Indeed, it is emotionally distressing to find your loved ones not being able to care for themselves. At the same time, your busy lifestyle prevents you from accompanying them throughout the day. The good news is that there is one solution to this issue. You can consider assisted living Arcadia to allow seniors to lead a happy life.

Know about assisted living facilities in Arcadia

Daily living activities are the major criteria to determine what senior care is needed at the assisted living facility. Professionals try to understand whether seniors are able to accomplish basic activities like

  • Feeding
  • Bathing
  • Bowel control
  • Toileting
  • Dressing
  • Getting in or out of the bed

Assisted living provides you with facilities similar to what you have found in nursing homes. So, your loved ones will receive special care throughout the day. However, patients living in these facilities do not need highly intrusive care. Seniors can stay there for a long period (such as, 3+ years).

Assisted living facilities provide a good environment that encourages senior residents to manage their own activities safely without others’ assistance. Although they get a private living space, they have a chance to socialize. They can interact with other residents in the family. Depending on the assisted living charge, the facility will provide up to 3 meals a day. There is a separate dining space where your dear ones can enjoy their meals.

Housekeeping and laundry services are also available for seniors. Besides, some assisted living centers provide free transportation services to visit pharmacies, grocery stores, and doctor’s clinics.

Senior residents of the community will also enjoy many religious, cultural, and educational activities. Moreover, occasional trips to concerts stimulate them mentally.

Some assisted living facilities give an opportunity to involve in physical activities like yoga and other exercises. So, the elders of your family will never feel bored at these facilities. They will get the best environment that boosts their mood.

If you need additional services, you need to pay an extra charge. For instance, upgraded Wi-Fi connection services are available at an additional cost.

Are you eligible for assisted living in Arcadia?

Not every senior is eligible for getting admitted to Arcadia assisted living facility. This facility will check whether the potential resident has fulfilled the requirements for admission. To get qualified, you have to be able to do at least 2 of the daily activities like dressing, bathing, standing/sitting, and making meals.

Secondly, your condition should be stable and predictable. So, what does stability mean? Suppose you are a diabetic patient, but you can take your medicine and check your blood sugar regularly. So, you will be eligible for admission to the facility.

Who should not choose assisted living facilities?

Dementia patients with severe symptoms (like behavioral problems and trouble swallowing) may not find assisted facilities helpful. However, some communities provide dementia care, no matter whether the disease is at the first or end-stage.

 If you have extensive medical needs, the assisted living community is not the right choice. Moreover, the assisted living facility does not provide gastronomy care, feeding tubes, and serious infection treatment.

The facility may not accept bedridden patients. Still, some facilities have professionals to assist patients in moving to or from the wheelchair and bed. So, you should check the services provided by the assisted living centers. 

What should you submit for admission to an assisted living facility?

If you or your dear one wants to become a part of an assisted living community, some forms should be submitted. The most important one is, of course, your application. Besides, while signing the contract, you should check the legal certificates, facility policies, and cost-related information. 

Furthermore, you should submit details on your medical history, including your weight, height, allergies, and other physical issues. You should cooperate with the facility’s team to make a customized care plan. Professionals will determine-

  • What care do you need?
  • Are you able to take medications on your own? Or, do you need the assistance of nurses for it?
  • Do you have any mental disorders like dementia
  • What daily activities can you do independently?
  • Do you have sensory problems? (hearing and vision)

The assisted living facility will create the plan after making an initial analysis of your health. Every plan should mention-

  • Medications you need
  • Frequency of medical services you need
  • Activities
  • Type of food or food preferences
  • Other preferences, including book reading or bedtimes
  • Your personal goals

Signs you need assisted living

There are some scenarios when you should consider Arcadia Gardens assisted living-

Worsening health issues

Many seniors have chronic health issues like heart disorder and Alzheimer’s disease. When these patients get older, their symptoms become more complicated. That is why they need constant attention. At times, they also need medical emergencies. Without other’s supervision, there is a risk of falling and getting injured.

Feelings of isolation

Isolation or lonely feeling is one of the common problems of many seniors. These aged people often avoid participating in social interactions. As a result, they feel isolated and depressed. However, assisted living provides them with a community where they can meet people of the same age groups.

Messy and dirty living space

If the living space of your aged family members is dirty, it indicates their ability to clean the room or do other activities. To avoid unhealthiness, you can choose an assisted living facility.

So, look for the best assisted living Arcadia and take care of seniors in your family.

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