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At-Home Nail Care Routine to Keep your Nails Spotless and Clean

Healthy and good-looking nails always make us feel good about ourselves. There’s surely something appealing about having a well-maintained nail that attracts all the attention whether you love applying bright colored nail paint, going nail polish-free, or keeping minimalistic nude colors on the nails. Looking after the nails and cuticles is one of the less talked grooming routines; however, indulging in nail care is worthwhile in every sense. The best way to healthy, stronger, and longer nails can be achieved by simply making changes in the basic lifestyle and not some pricey salon treatment. Keep reading the following blog to find out about the important nail care tips that will keep your nails brittle-free, clean and soft, If you’d like more information on sns nails be sure to check out DIPD Nails.

If you’d like more information on sns nails be sure to check out DIPD Nails

Important Nail Care Tips to Follow At Home

Begin with Clean Hands and Nails 

Whether you are digging in your favorite hot paratha or fixing the tyre of your car, our hands are likely to get dirty often. The step to getting healthy and clean nails is by keeping the fingers and nails squeaky clean. Pay extra attention to the area underneath the nails and wash it thoroughly especially the inner side of the nails to clean the dirt accumulated. Also don’t leave the chipped nail paint to grow out as it doesn’t look nice. It is better to use nail enamel remover wipes to clean the leftover nail paint and make them look squeaky clean. Make sure the wipes you use are acetone free and later wash the hands with mild soap and water. 

Trim the Nails on Regular Interval 

Things we do to keep up with our nail hygiene mostly revolve around keeping them trimmed and uniform. Nails grow at a rapid speed and even though long nails look attractive and pretty, they are also at risk of breaking and attracting dirt. Taking out some time for regular manicures helps to keep the nails clean and also strengthens them. Take a nail clipper and cut them from time to time to maintain a uniform shape. Dry nails are hard and brittle and may cause injury if you forcefully try to cut them. Hence the best time to cut the nails is when you are just out of the shower as they are soft and easier to cut. Don’t forget to file the nails to prevent chipping and breaking. 

Always Use a Base Coat While Painting the Nails 

Gorgeous-looking and colorfully painted nails are everyone’s dream. And to get the right pop of color that shines and remains long-lasting, you need to apply a base coat before applying nail polish. This is an unspoken rule in the nail paint world to protect the bare nails by sealing them with a top coat. Not only does it prevent the nail from getting stained but also adds a protective layer to the nails. It preps the nails to adhere to the nail color for a longer time and gives salon-like shine. Moreover, while applying the top coat let it dry for some time before you start applying nail paint for women

Moisturize the Nails to keep Them Soft 

The frequent use of sanitizers, soaps and cheap or harsh nail products can make the nails hard and brittle. And to cope with that, it is important to keep the nails smooth and moisturized. Just like the skin, it is important to keep the nails soft for which you don’t need fancy skin care products, only a hand cream or a lotion. Make it a habit to moisturize your hands whenever you wash your hands, before going to bed, after a shower, or before stepping out. These creams act like an ideal skin barrier that treat brittle nails, rough skin as well as damaged cuticles. 

And that’s how you can take better care of your nails without burning a hole in your pocket! 

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