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How to make your project successful if building architecture and writing the program code is always behind the scenes? This is obvious: the design is the main thing the user interacts with. By studying users, discovering their problems, and proposing solutions, the designer acts as a bridge between users and the entire team that works on the solution. Let’s see why product designing is important and what are the steps to make one that customers love.

Why Is It Important?

Every company must first think about the design of the project before starting to implement it. After all, it is product designing that is the key aspect of whether your target audience will accept it or not. Creating the perfect one is very difficult. It is necessary not only to perfectly understand the needs of the target audience but also to follow trends, set priorities correctly and do everything to improve user experience.

Before you start designing an app or website, you need to think about what customer needs it can satisfy. You need to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and understand what pain points your digital solution can solve, as well as what features of your idea will surprise the target audience. In other words, a product designed to attract new customers should have useful features and solve problems for your customers.

Main Stages to Implement

Let’s take a look at the main steps of creating cool product designs.

Dive into the idea

Work on digital project design begins with immersion in the idea. The carrier of products design ideas can be any member of your team. At this stage, it is important to understand how the idea carrier sees the final version of the solution, who its potential users are, and what problems it will solve. Try to get as much information as possible from the customer and make sure you are on the same level of understanding.

Project design

After all the research has been done, the results have been analyzed, the team is involved in the creation process, moving on to digital project design. Based on the research results, identify several main user groups. After that, write user stories – short statements describing what a particular group of users needs.

After compiling user stories, proceed to build a user flow – a sequence of actions that a user needs to perform in order to get from point A to point B, where point A – is the place from which the interaction with the solution began, and point B – is the place where the user reaches their goals.

Based on the user flow, proceed to the creation of wireframes – outlines the structure of each of the stages of the user flow. Wireframes do not require a lot of time to render and allow you to quickly fix the location of all elements on pages.

UI design

At the UI design stage, the visual part of the interface is created: the main colors and fonts are selected, and buttons, icons, illustrations, and animations are created. It is very important that the visual design remains consistent from page to page. For example, if the main CTA is green on one page, don’t make it pink on another. Consistency allows you to improve user experience and simplify interaction with solutions.

Usability testing

Before handing over the UI to development, it is useful to conduct usability testing of your interface. This will ensure that the project logic matches the user’s expectations of how your idea should work. Users must successfully complete interaction scenarios and understand what is happening on the screen.

Product development

The interaction of designers and developers usually occurs throughout the entire process of creating a solution. If you have shared the results of your work in the previous stages, the design transfer will be relatively easy.

Analytics and improvements

After the development and release are completed, everything is just beginning. From now on, you and your team will continuously work on improving the solution. The main tool at this stage is analytics, which collects data on user interaction with your app or website. Use this information to find weaknesses in the interface, formulate new hypotheses about problems and solutions, test them with research, and make your digital project even better.

Final Thoughts

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