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Attractive Features of Lahore Smart City

Attractive Features of Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City is a new development project initiated by the FDHL Group in collaboration with Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) Ltd. It is located along the Lahore Bypass, near the Grand Trunk Road Lahore. Lahore smart city location makes it more attractive for investors. The project will be connected to the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway, giving residents easy access to the rest of the country. FDHL Group has also planned to develop a new campus of the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore in the city and other educational and healthcare facilities.

DHA Lahore will be the city’s main residential area, providing luxurious and modern housing options along with many commercial areas, shopping malls, and entertainment centers. The city will be powered by renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal. FDHL Group has also planned to develop a waste management system in the city to reduce pollution and keep it clean and green.

Facilities in Lahore Smart City:

The facilities offered by Lahore smart city make it the best available option for residents. Such as:

  • Silicon Valley 

Lahore Smart City is a modern, cutting-edge urban development to revolutionize the city of Lahore. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology, Lahore Smart City is designed to provide its citizens with a high quality of life. It will house corporate offices, IT and programming houses, warehouses, technical and operational offices, retail offices, client care centers, private plots and manors, mosques, retail shops, and many other services.

The city will be connected to the rest of the world through efficient transportation systems and its power grid. Furthermore, the city will have a green environment with many parks and gardens.

  • Close to nature farmhouses 

Lahore Smart City is a leading real estate project in Pakistan. It has a variety of farmhouses, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal in size. These farmhouses give a unique experience to the people who desire to have their own private space with a feeling of a homely environment. Cultivating in the farmhouses is an excellent way of having a relaxing time and a way to get close to nature.

 Pets are also allowed in the farmhouses, and people can take them for a leisurely walk. Cottage-style gatherings and family occasions are also organized in the farmhouses. Lahore Smart City is the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature and spend quality time with your family.

  • Medical Care Centers

With a fast-growing economy and increasing population, Lahore smart city is investing in the latest technology, equipment, and professional staff to ensure its citizens’ high quality of life. The city is also investing in medical clinics to ensure the health of its citizens, moreover private plots and estates to provide an efficient and comfortable living. Furthermore, it is developing business spots to spur economic growth, food regions, and retail shops to offer its citizens the amenities they need. With its investment in technology, equipment, professional staff, and other amenities, Lahore is turning into a Smart City that can provide its citizens with a high quality of life.

  • Educational Institutes

Lahore Smart City is a revolutionary concept transforming how the city of Lahore is managed. It is a vision that seeks to make the city of Lahore. An example of a modern, sustainable and intelligent city that can provide quality life to its citizens. It is a project aimed at improving Lahore’s educational institutions, providing a better learning environment, and modernizing the city’s infrastructure. The project will bring advanced features to the town, such as green energy sources, improved public transportation, bright lighting, and efficient waste management. The project will also focus on improving the quality of the city’s schools and colleges, making them more accessible and providing a better learning environment.

  • Hotels and Other Places

Lahore Smart City is a modern, lifestyle-oriented, secure, and sustainable urban development project. It is a state-of-the-art master-planned community set to become the premier residential address in the city. The project will feature 4-star and 3-star hotels, residential plots and villas, retail shops, and parks. The project will also feature mosques and religious centers. The city will be designed to be energy-efficient and to promote sustainable development. Residents will have access to world-class facilities, including educational and recreational amenities. It will be a place where people can live, work, and play in a safe and secure environment. Lahore Smart City will be a model city and a testament to the government’s vision.

  • Sports Clubs and Activities 

Lahore Smart City is an emerging city project with modern and advanced infrastructure. It is designed to provide an ideal living environment with various facilities. It is planned to have a sports block with a cricket stadium, football stadium, and badminton court for the residents to engage in multiple sports activities. It will also be connected with major cities of Pakistan through roads and public transport. Lahore Smart City is expected to provide a perfect living environment for its people.

Concluding Thoughts

Lahore Smart City is the latest real estate investment opportunity in Pakistan, located in Lahore, the capital of Punjab province. It offers world-class facilities, amenities, and a convenient location, making it an attractive choice for investors. The city has been designed to provide a modern lifestyle with access to world-class facilities and amenities such as educational institutions, hospitals, shopping malls, and recreational areas. The city also offers an attractive payment plan for investors, allowing them to purchase property without hassle. With its strategic location, Lahore Smart City is an attractive destination for real estate investors. If you need further information related to lahore smart city location, its payment plan etc. lead marketing staff will help you in any case. So book your plots now with lead marketing and enjoy the facilities of Lahore smart city.

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