Audi A vs. S vs. RS: 7 Differences & Which Series Is Best?

Audi offers a range of vehicles under the A, S, and RS series, each catering to different preferences and performance levels. To determine which series is best for you, it’s essential to understand the key differences between them and consider your specific needs and preferences. Here are seven key differences between Audi S series vs A series  and RS series:

Performance Level:

  • A Series: The A series typically consists of Audi’s regular lineup of sedans, coupes, and SUVs. These are designed for everyday driving with a focus on comfort and luxury.
  • S Series: The S series represents Audi’s sportier lineup. These models offer enhanced performance compared to the A series, with more powerful engines, sport-tuned suspension, and sportier styling.
  • RS Series: The RS series is Audi’s high-performance line. These vehicles are the most powerful and sport-oriented, featuring high-performance engines, advanced handling technologies, and aggressive styling.

Engine Performance:

  • A Series: A series vehicles come with a range of engine options, from economical to moderately powerful, catering to a wide audience.
  • S Series: S models have more powerful engines compared to their A counterparts, delivering higher horsepower and torque for improved acceleration and performance.
  • RS Series: RS models feature the most potent engines in the Audi lineup, often utilizing turbocharging and other performance-enhancing technologies to deliver exceptional power and speed.

Handling and Suspension:

  • A Series: A series vehicles prioritize a comfortable ride and are equipped with a standard suspension tuned for everyday driving.
  • S Series: S models have sport-tuned suspensions that offer a more engaging driving experience with improved handling and responsiveness.
  • RS Series: RS models come with advanced sport-tuned suspensions, performance brakes, and all-wheel drive systems to provide exceptional handling and cornering capabilities.

Exterior Styling:

  • A Series: A series vehicles focus on a clean and elegant design that emphasizes luxury and sophistication.
  • S Series: S models feature sportier styling elements, including more aggressive front fascias, larger wheels, and distinctive badges.
  • RS Series: RS models have a more aggressive and aerodynamic exterior design, with unique RS-specific features like larger air intakes and wider wheel arches.

Interior Comfort and Features:

  • A Series: A series vehicles prioritize interior comfort and luxury, offering a range of high-quality materials and advanced tech features.
  • S Series: S models maintain a comfortable interior but may include sportier elements like bolstered seats and carbon fiber accents.
  • RS Series: RS models combine luxury with sportiness, offering high-performance seats, premium materials, and advanced technology features.

Price Range:

  • A Series: Generally, A series vehicles are the most affordable among the three, making them more accessible to a wider range of buyers.
  • S Series: S models typically come at a higher price point than their A counterparts due to their enhanced performance and features.
  • RS Series: RS models are the most expensive in the lineup, reflecting their top-tier performance and exclusivity.

Target Audience:

  • A Series: Aimed at individuals looking for a comfortable and luxurious daily driver.
  • S Series: Designed for those seeking a balance between everyday comfort and enhanced performance.
  • RS Series: Geared toward enthusiasts and performance-oriented drivers who prioritize speed and handling?

The “best” series for you depends on your preferences, budget, and driving requirements. If you prioritize luxury and comfort for daily driving, an A series vehicle might be suitable. If you want a sportier driving experience with enhanced performance, consider the S series. 

For ultimate performance and a thrilling driving experience, especially on the track, an RS model would be the best choice. It’s essential to test drive different models within each series to determine which one aligns best with your needs and desires.


Audi S series vs A series and RS series each offer distinct characteristics to cater to a wide range of preferences and driving needs. The choice between these series ultimately depends on your individual priorities and requirements.

If you’re primarily seeking a comfortable and luxurious daily driver with a balance of performance, the A series should suffice. It offers a refined driving experience with a focus on premium features and a comfortable ride.

For those who desire a more engaging driving experience and are willing to invest in higher performance, the S series provides a middle ground. These models offer enhanced power and sportier styling while retaining many of the practicalities of daily driving.

However, if you’re an enthusiast seeking the pinnacle of Audi’s performance capabilities, the RS series is the clear choice. With its powerful engines, advanced handling technologies, and aggressive styling, RS models are engineered for high-speed thrills and track-ready performance.

In the end, the “best” series depends on your budget, driving style, and priorities. Audi’s A, S, and RS series are all excellent in their respective niches, offering a variety of options to suit different tastes and needs. It’s advisable to test drive the specific models you’re interested in to experience firsthand how they align with your expectations and preferences.

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