August 2022 Alsina Jada Why You Should Dust-Up

This news provides a detailed look into the past relationship, viral video concerning August 2022 Alsina Java.

Are you aware of Will Smith’s confession about the Oscar fiasco and his subsequent apology? You can read more below if you haven’t already!

Users Worldwide were astonished to hear Will Smith admitting that he was defending August Alsina. The internet has been abuzz with the viral video showing Will Smith slapping Chris. Similar to the viral video of Will Smith slapping Chris, the Red carpet chart about Wilson aslina’s entanglement is everywhere.

Reebok more information about the emotional birth of August 2022 Alsina Jada

August Alsina’s Oscar Incident

August Anthony Alsina, jr. was born September 3, 1992. He is best known for his def jam recordings and Orleans songs. He had a passionate affair with JadaSmith.

All the Oscar Fiasco dramas, there was a clear indication of August Alsina & Jada’s unhealthy relationship. The secret was revealed on stage by Alsina as the private life force that had impacted his professional and business skills.

Learn more about Will Smith’s decision to knock on the topic of Jada Smith August Alsina.

Why You Should Dust-Up

Jada and Will Smith had a very unbalanced relationship in 2015. Jada was involved with RnB artists and ended up divorcing Will Smith. But they secretly plan on dating and having a romantic relationship. He ended up having a difficult and disreputable career after just a few months.

Will Smith had the opportunity to show him that he was toxic to her in 2022, during the Oscars. Will Smith couldn’t accept Cris’ private affairs publically and instead slapped Cris.

August 2022 Alsina Jada Relationship

Jada Smith shared her intimate relationship with August the rapper during an interview on 10/7/20. The couple addressed the conversation on Facebook during the red-table talk show. She said that August started seeing her after she had been distracted by her husband.

Jaden introduced August into the family. Will Smith was not happy with this. Will Smith was also unhappy with her obsession and she sought reconciliation. Jada stated that august isn’t in touch with her and that they barely talk about the experience.

Cris in JadaSmithAugust Alsina Incident

Chris Rock was the comedian and host of the Oscars on 27 March 2022. Will Smith was presented with his 94th Academy award. The comedian made a public embarrassment of himself while discussing her past relationships.

Will Smith crossed the limit and slapped Smith. He later apologised for the violence.


The incident is related to the couple’s past and unbalanced life. Will Smith was a man who is etiquette. He regretted his actions.

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