Automated Reports: Enterprise POS for Multiple Stores


Latest enterprise POS systems offer key insights by capturing customer data that merchants can analyze to boost their sales. This data is then assembled into custom POS reports that allow you to analyze various aspects of your business. 

What is An Automatic Report?

An automatic report is a statistical report that is generated after a detailed analysis of daily POS data. The entire process is automatic with real-time reporting provided by the payment solution provider.  You can use these reports to analyze your business’s performance.

Why does Your Enterprise POS Need Automated Reports?

  • Reports can help you to identify which staff members are the best performers
  • An inventory report can help you optimize purchasing decisions
  • An enterprise POS system can help you track and compare sales across all stores for a multi-store business
  • It can help you to identify consumer trends and optimize your marketing strategy

Types of Automated Reports

  • Sales Reports: These provide better visibility about the best and lowest-selling products. Merchants can utilize this data to make better decisions to boost sales.
  • Inventory Reports: These reports can help you make inventory management more efficient. 
  • Accounting Reports: These can help you keep track of your cash flow. It helps to monitor all payments, discounts, refunds, void sales, taxes paid, etc. 
  • Employee Reports: These give you a detailed idea about which employee performance
  • Customer Reports: These can help customer relationship management identify loyal customers.

What is Your Enterprise Missing?

Multi-store businesses can attract more customers and increase revenue with Innoviti’s purchase tools.  Innoviti offers regular feedback which explains customer’s purchase behavior. POS terminals integrated with Innoviti’s API driven purchase tools can identify trends and optimize targeted marketing campaigns. 


Innoviti offers purchase tools that help businesses generate automated reports.. Additionally,  Innoviti uniPayNext helps large business owners process thousands of transactions per day leverage it to use this tool to provide multiple payment options for customers.


1. What is a POS report?

A POS report is a compilation of processed data from your point-of-sale (POS) system that provides you with statistics about daily, weekly, or monthly sales.

2. Why is it important to generate reports for transactions?

POS reports can help to track various performance indicators of a business, like sales, inventory management, accounting, employee performance, etc. 

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