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Azteca Yacht is not a regular yacht. The retro-themed yacht has traveled through years of changes, seen numerous lands, and accommodated people of various ages, giving them days worth remembering. Consider opting for a yacht charter Dubai to explore yachts similar to the Azteca.

The Azteca yacht- Everything that you need to know

The Azteca stands apart from contemporary yachts with its construction. The interior, the materials used, space utilization, and the technology used differ from the conventional yachts. It is because the Azteca was built at a time when yachts were introduced to the luxury arena.

The making is purely based on logic and not on experience. Over the years, you would have seen how each part of a luxury yacht has grown to accommodate things, people, and their comfort.

Let’s look into the details of the fantastic yacht!

The Azteca yacht’s history

The Azteca was built in 1984 by the iconic Dutch shipbuilder Feadship. Feadship has given life to many yachts that have become popular with their design, construction, and strength. This particular yacht is one of Feadships best productions.

What is the Azteca worth?

The Azteca is worth $ 33,84,712.5. The amount is not high compared to the market price today. Taking into consideration the age of Azteca, the amount is justifiable.

Who is the owner of the Azteca yacht?

Currently, there is no yacht Azteca owner. It is put up for sale. Be the next yacht Azteca owner if you are interested in retro-themed cozy suites.

Who designed the Azteca?

The yacht was planned by designers who have proven their skills with experience. The beautiful interior was arranged to go with the culture of the decade by Jon Bannenberg. The interior is made to fit everything with minimal space usage. De Voogt and Bannenberg designed the yacht’s exterior. The brilliance of the design can be grasped from the yacht’s exterior finishing.

Technical specifications of the yacht Azteca

Azteca has a well-established engine room, and the machines are placed in a vast area without consuming space for other use. The MTU machines are robust and taking the cruise for long journeys for years.

TypeMotor yacht
Length47 m / 154′3″
Beam8.4 m / 27′7″
Draft2.8 m / 9′3″
Year of build1983
Gross tonnage435
PropulsionTin screw
Water capacity12,000
ExtrasJet skis, Diving equipment

The speed capacity of Azteca

This incredible yacht comes among the 488 yachts that have 45-50 m range. Within this niche of yachts, the speed of Azteca is 0.51 above the average. With powerful MTU machines (3000hp) to power the vessel, it can go up to top speeds of  2.72 kn above the average.

 A tour of the Azteca yacht

The Azteca, although made decades before, has quite a stunning and robust construction.  From the exterior to the nuances of the interior, a lot needs to be looked into to completely analyze how the yacht has been constructed.

A look from the outside!

Before getting into it, let’s stand on the deck and observe. The hull and superstructure are finished in aluminum – one of the reasons why Azteca managed to go without refit for decades. Aluminum is lightweight and stays corrosion-free in marine environments.

Moreover, it is strong and does not budge to usual impacts.

An observation of the interior.

Walking into the yacht through the deck, you can find the sunbathing area on top. With enough privacy and the comfort of the sun, the passengers can be at ease without any intrusions. Going down the stairs into the yacht, you get into the sitting area, spacious enough to relax with friends or family. The retro-inspired area comes with enough lighting. Going beyond this through the corridor to get to the bridge. Here comes the control room, navigation tables, and everything necessary to steer the vessel.

Engine room

Moving out of the area, down the stairs along the side of the starboard, and walking straight, you reach the aft deck with an incredible view. Go to the port side to access the engine room, where you can find the MTU machines, fuel tank, air conditioning system, water maker, engineer’s working station, and pumps. The machine room is placed with entrances from all sides for easy access.

Take a walk out of the machine room, and you will reach the saloon. With a center table and a cozy sitting area, the saloon is the perfect spot for an evening party. From here, you can also go to the secondary saloon with lesser space but good enough for having a nice view of the sea.

Everything for comfort!

Access the stairs on the side, and you will reach the cabins on the above deck. Amenities are all well put without losing the coziness. Guest cabins are also placed here. You can find comfort in each nook and corner of these cabins. The washrooms are constructed well.

Go up the stairs to the main compartment. The main cabin has a kingsized bed, large windows, storage spaces, and enormous washrooms.

Next comes the crew cabins with a large galley filled with stainless steel parts, bedrooms with double bunk beds, and a luxurious dining area.

Is Azteca 2 a newer version of Azteca?

Azteca 2 is a 49.7 m motor yacht built by Nereids Yards in 2005 but was refit in 2013. It has exquisite indoor and outdoor construction, unlike Azteca, and can accommodate 12 guests in 6 cabins.

As the yacht is built in the current times, many features help Azteca II outshine Azteca.

Micahel Leach designed the interior, and the exterior was designed by Turhan Soyaslan Design.

Currently, there is no one who has got the title of ‘Azteca 2 yacht owner’.  You have to spend a whopping $20,000,000 to be the next Azteca II Yacht owner.

Azteca can be yours!

Made in a time when quality mattered more than comfort, the Azteca yacht provides a solid cruise experience that is hard to find in contemporary vessels. Azteca is the perfect choice to reminisce about the old days. It might not have the latest features, but it can make you feel at home by giving the old-fashioned cruise vibe. Take advantage of a cozy, non-extravagant voyage with Azteca!

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