Bahraini Gamblers Prefer Online Casinos to Land-Based

Gambling in Bahrain

Are people allowed to gamble in Bahrain? Located in the Persian Gulf and a member of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), the Kingdom of Bahrain is a beautiful island nation. With a majority Muslim population and ruler, the laws and regulations here follow Shari’ah law set by the Quran. Therefore, all forms of gambling are prohibited, however, this does not stop those in Bahrain from gambling. How do those in Bahrain get around these laws and restrictions? Let’s find out.

History of Gambling in Bahrain

Bahrain is a country that has undergone transformation and modernization in a short amount of time. Their gas and oil industries have injected wealth into the economy and more recently, tourists are visiting the country eager to learn about the culture and traditions. It is a country that is relatively progressive, modern, and cosmopolitan. 

With that said, there are restrictions and that includes gambling. Historically, Bahrain has never allowed legal gambling nor the operation of land-based casinos. Even national lotteries are banned. Keep in mind these laws apply to Bahraini citizens only and are written in the laws of Bahrain. In the case of gambling, restrictions are seen as necessary to protect citizens from the addictive nature of gambling. This, along with drugs and alcohol, are dangers for those of the Islamic faith. 

What About Online Gambling?

In more recent years, the introduction of online gambling presented a possible loophole. Bahraini gamblers suddenly were able to access online casinos that were much less dangerous of a situation than an underground gambling den. Online gambling is also not explicitly mentioned in the laws. However, because all forms of gambling are illegal in Bahrain this would still fall under that category. 

Bahrain, like many Muslim countries in the GCC, has limitations to internet freedom and online casinos are no different. Internet censorship blocks access to online casinos and other resources for online gambling. Despite the illegal status of online gambling, it is not generally enforced. Gamblers in Bahrain can still participate in online entertainment and do so with some necessary precaution. 

Gambling is Enjoyed in Bahrain

As the country is very developed and modern, many Bahraini people are plugged into the internet through laptops or mobile devices. Especially with a younger generation who are used to the internet and a digital landscape, playing games and gambling on the internet is an enjoyable pastime for many. It is a fun way to make some quick cash by playing favorite games and testing one’s skills.

Historically, the region is also very keen on horse racing. Bahrain has an established organization called the Bahrain Horse Racing Authority that promotes and runs horse-racing evens in the country. They bring in the best jockeys, trainers, horses, and owners from around the world for racing events. Horse race betting would also fall under the jurisdiction of gambling so this is also illegal and forbidden. 

Favorite Games of Bahraini Players

A safe avenue for those seeking to place bets on races is at an online sports betting casino and many Bahrainis do this. There are many amazing casinos out there to choose from that showcase various top sporting events, as well as niche events. The beauty of online gambling is the immense amount of options to choose from; they are seemingly endless. 

In addition to horse race betting, there is also greyhound racing that is popular in the GCC region, as well as Bahrain specifically. Other casino games like Poker, Roulette, and Slots are also player favorites. These are easily accessed at a number of online casinos. Live Casino is another popular choice, especially games that are streamed live from the best casinos around the world. 

Safety and Security

With the sheer multitude of online casino options available, it is important to practice safe online gambling. Not all casinos are made equal. Some are shoddy and not trustworthy. For players in Bahrain, it is even more important to play at trustworthy online casinos. In the event that any issues arise with the casino, for example, they don’t pay out winnings then there is no recourse. The government cannot help this person because it is illegal to gamble!

One way to avoid this unfortunate circumstance is to find a resource that can guide gamblers to the top casino site bahrain. There are a number of websites available that specialize in online gambling for Bahraini players. These websites understand the cultural nuances of those in this country and can provide the best tips suited for players in this country. 

Ready to Play

Given the sensitive nature of gambling in Bahrain, gambling enthusiasts must get creative. Underground gambling dens and land-based casinos are strictly forbidden and heavily enforced. Being caught at an underground gambling establishment would mean severe punishment. For those who are still keen to play, online gambling is a safer alternative. Although it is technically still illegal, authorities do not enforce this ruling. By taking some precautionary measures, it can be fun and safe way for Bahraini players to enjoy gambling.

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