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Balaji Murugadoss to be eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil this week with a red card for this reason

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Balaji, who has been a contestant on the Bigg Boss Tamil season 4, is constantly getting into trouble with each of the contestants. Throughout the competition, he has been routinely saying that what he is doing is right and that if anyone asks him about it, he will say yes.

Thus, even though many of the contestants are angry about his behavior, he has support from Samyukta, Gabby, and Shivani.

In this case, he had a confrontation with Sanam Shetty in the last episode. Then, he scolded her with an inappropriate word. Balaji also said that Sanam had made an adjustment and won the beauty pageant.

Sanam wrote about this issue in an article written for the task of resolving the problem. This scene was featured in one of the promo videos. But Vijay TV has deleted this promo video due to controversy.

Following this, reports have been going viral on the internet that Bigg Boss plans to give Balaji a red card and evict him from the house as comments against Balaji Murugadoss are spreading on social media.

However, others say that Balaji will not be expelled as he is currently the TRP King for the Bigg Boss show. It remains to be seen what will happen in the presence of Kamal this weekend, and will there be a double elimination this weekend.

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