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You received a message stating that your bank has locked your card or discovered unusual activity in your account. This isn’t a new information regarding online phishing scams.

Online scams can be found everywhere, regardless of whether you are in the United States region or in any other country. This is due to the rise in digital payments all around the world. Recently, the Visa Mobile Alert Scam caught our attention. Let’s discover more about it!

Information about the Visa Mobile Scam Alert

Online surveys revealed that users submitted numerous complaints and reports regarding fraud online from July 2022. Also, these scams were reported to have caused a surge in the loss of money for consumers.

Users receive texts stating that their Visa card is locked or blocked. Users must take certain steps to unlock their card.

How can I recognize a BankMobile Alert Visa Card Locked

While it may seem complicated, sometimes you can identify a scam Bank Alert. The scammers may attempt to steal your personal data directly or indirectly, without your permission.

It is possible to receive text messages asking for you to click a link or call to unblock your card. You should be cautious if you receive a message that appears to be legitimate from the Bank.

Your Bank can call customer care to check if your card is blocked or if the message was sent by the Bank. We ask that you be aware of the Mobile Alert Visa Card Locked messages.

More Online Bank Mobile Scams –

The increase in online shopping and payment in the United States has been a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Scammers are benefiting from this increase in online payments. They can easily steal your sensitive information and take all your money.

Fraudsters have come up with innovative ways to scam vulnerable customers and steal their cash. They pretend to call you or send you a text on behalf of your Bank. In reality, they’re just scammers.

Bank Mobile Alert Fraud 

You can take preventative measures to ensure you are safe even though you may be a victim to a Bank Alert scam.

Your personal information should not be shared online, over the phone or on any other call to unknown or suspicious websites. Keep your credit cards close by you and, if lost, get it blocked immediately from your Bank. Never click on links from outside that request you to unlock your card or perform other critical activity on the account.

If you suspect that your bank has been involved in suspicious activity, please contact them immediately.

Last Words:

We hope you’ve found all the details regarding the recent Mobile Alert Scam that was received by Visa card holders. It’d be a good idea to remain cautious and not give out your information online.

Did you ever receive an alert message like this from your Bank before? Please comment below!

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