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Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs: Meaning, Usability, and Safety Tips

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 One of the biggest challenges obese people face is the freedom to walk around comfortably even for short distances. A person with an ideal body weight but mobility issues can use the standard wheelchair and live an active lifestyle. But an obese people cannot use it as these wheelchairs are not designed to hold the weight of a severely obese person. For them, bariatric manual wheelchairs and heavy weight power wheelchairs are two options to choose from.

What is a Bariatric Wheelchair?

All benefits which a standard wheelchair offer to an average-weight person is offered by bariatric wheelchair to obese people. These wheelchairs are also known as heavy duty wheelchairs and empower bigger people to travel comfortably from one point to another. They easily hold weight up to 600 lbs and have a wider seat so that a heavy user can sit comfortably. When a bariatric person uses manual wheelchairs:

  1. He moves freely without any external help.
  2. He becomes socially active and remains happy.
  3. He becomes self-reliant, fearless and confident.

So, an obese person with good upper body strength can use a bariatric manual wheelchair with confidence if he is suffering from certain medical conditions. These conditions include cardiopulmonary diseases, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular health condition to name a few due to which he experiences limited mobility.

Standard Measurements of Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

The first and foremost feature of heavy duty wheelchairs is they support construction from stronger materials. Because these wheelchairs are designed to hold a heavy-weight person, therefore manufacturers use high-quality and durable materials. Some of the standard measurements of these wheelchairs are as follows:

  1. The length and height of both standard and heavy duty wheelchairs remain almost the same i.e. 42 inches in length and 36 inches in height. But the latter has a wider seat, which ranges from 28-33 inches. However, the standard wheelchair features 25 inches seat width.
  • The standard overall weight of a manual wheelchair lies in between 35- 45 lbs and it can hold weight up to 300 lbs. On the other hand, bariatric manual wheelchairs are made from heavy duty frames, therefore the weight of the wheelchairs is approximately 50 lbs and they can hold weight up to 600 lbs. Some bariatric wheelchairs even support lightweight construction. In such cases, the product weight is approximately 30-35 lbs.
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Tips for Using Heavy Duty Manual Wheelchairs Safely & Conveniently

  1. Always wear the seat belt on the wheelchair. The safety belts are extremely important to wear for a safe and enjoyable ride especially for people with balancing issues.
  • If you feel sores and discomfort after seating on these wheelchairs for a long duration, then purchase some additional accessories to increase your comfort level. These accessories include seat cushions and padded arm and leg rest. The seat cushions offer comfortable seating for a long duration while arm and leg rest provides a soft place for limbs to relax and rest.
  • For smooth transfer from bed to chair and vice-versa, remove arms or leg rest and rear axles.
  • Do not forget to apply wheel brakes and handbrakes while you are seating or standing off from the wheelchair. These brakes keep the wheelchair in a stationary position ensuring a smooth transition from one position to another.
  • If a person spends a long duration on the wheelchair, he should prefer purchasing a bariatric manual wheelchair model with a reclining back. This will put less pressure on his back.
  • Always use a wheelchair cover to protect your purchase when not in the use. This will do not deposit dust and dirt on the medical device and you can enjoy the ride on it for a long period of time.

So, simply remember these points and purchase your bariatric manual wheelchair today from the online marketplace at attractive rates.

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