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Basic dressing tips a woman should know

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Women have to think so much when it comes to fashion and dresses, thinking about casual outfits for women is another mystery to get right. Women have different dressing and fashion needs in different periods of their lives. When it comes to a career, a woman needs to dress in such a way to feel both stylish and confident. This is the goal of every working woman. Some women can effortlessly achieve this goal while the rest of them must put effort to achieve their goals.

It requires a better sense of fashion and talent to know the best guidelines and principles. Such women build a great strategy to meet these requirements. If you want to learn the basic tips to style the best, you are at the right place if you are one of those women. We have compiled some great tips that you can use to dress the best so let us know them.

1.        Decide what you want to show in society

It is quite important for a woman to decide what does she wants to show in the world. You need to build your message. This is the time for personal branding to make the world know your strongest qualities and highlights. You need to represent yourself as good as possible. It is important for you to decide whether you want to appear intelligent, sophisticated, and compassionate—this is the first step towards styling. 

2.        Be the real YOU

The second rule is to be authentic. The clothes you wear are an extension of yourself. The clothes you decide on should strengthen your image and express your true self. You should not force yourself in the clothes. This means you should not force yourself in wearing tighter clothes or pointed heels because they hurt at the end of the day. You do not need to force yourself in those things just because your friends are doing the same.

It is important to wear the things that make you feel YOU. You can ask yourself three simple questions to ensure whether you have chosen the right dress. The first question is whether you feel comfortable or do you have to constantly adjust the outfit? Do you recognize yourself in the mirror, or you have become someone that is not you? Do the clothes you wear make you excited to wear them? After you have answered these questions, you can decide what to wear.

3.        Comfort is always over fashion

The third most important point is to consider comfort over fashion. When it is about fashion, choosing comfort over fashion is always non-negotiable. You need to choose the outfit that makes you feel the most comfortable. You cannot move confidently if you are uncomfortable in a dress or a shoe. Working women should always consider comfort because they have to do an 8-hours shift a day. The best they can do is to choose the most comfortable dresses and shoes. This is how they can feel better at the end of the day. A woman should never give importance to fashion over comfort.

4.        Choose dresses According to Season

Another important point is to consider the dresses for each season based on where you live. When it comes to Fashion it is always based on what season you are in. Fashion designers releases their collections for Spring, Summer and Winter , I personally like when they come up something for the Fall season as it’s one of my favorite time of the year. When you ask why season based fashion , I would say duhh…obviously I need separate set for Summer collections than my Winter ones !!! Pic Credit: Momfilter

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