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Who Was Abdul Karim Telgi?

Abdul Karim Telgi was a notorious Indian counterfeiter who orchestrated one of the largest scams in Indian history by producing counterfeit stamp paper. Born to a railway employee, Telgi initially seemed to have a fairly ordinary background. However, his operations quickly escalated in scale and sophistication. With a network that employed over 300 agents, Telgi distributed fake stamp papers to a multitude of institutions, including banks, insurance companies, and stock brokerage firms.

How Did Abdul Karim Telgi Build His Counterfeit Empire?

Building a counterfeit empire was no small feat, and Telgi was notoriously meticulous. He sourced special printing machines, employed skilled labor, and developed a deep-rooted network of distributors and buyers. His operation was so vast that it impacted not only the government’s revenue but also shook the foundations of trust within several Indian institutions.

What Was Abdul Karim Telgi’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, reports suggest that Abdul Karim Telgi had a net worth of around $1 billion. He owned 36 properties worth over INR 100 crore spread across India. Given the enormity of his operations and the scale at which they operated, these figures are staggering but not entirely surprising.

What Happened to Abdul Karim Telgi?

Telgi’s reign ended when he was apprehended and sentenced to jail. His health deteriorated quickly due to diabetes, hypertension and ultimately meningitis; eventually he passed away at Victoria Hospital, Bengaluru on 23 October 2017 due to this infection.

What About Abdul Karim Telgi’s Family?

Telgi and his wife Shahida had a daughter named Sana. The family had remained largely out of the public eye. However, in 2017, Shahida Telgi went to court to request the confiscation of all nine of her husband’s properties in accordance with his wishes, signaling an end to his illicit legacy.

Are There Any Films or Series Based on Abdul Karim Telgi’s Life?

Yes, Abdul Karim Telgi’s life story has inspired filmmakers and storytellers. SonyLiv is set to release a new web series titled “Scam 2003,” adapted from journalist Sanjay Singh’s book, “Telgi Scam: Reporter’s Ki Diary.” This book is credited with breaking the news about the scam. In addition, a web series named “Paper,” released in 2020, also delves into Telgi’s story, offering another perspective on the complexities of his life.


Abdul Karim Telgi was a man of contradictions. He was a criminal mastermind who utilized loopholes and weaknesses in the system to amass immense wealth through illegal means. Although his story ended in 2017, its impact continues to be studied and examined as it serves as a cautionary tale both law enforcement agencies and citizens alike.

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