Home News Beast Promotions Scam {Jan 2023} What is the scam?

Beast Promotions Scam {Jan 2023} What is the scam?

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This Beast Promotions scam post will provide information about the latest scam perpetrated by hackers. Keep in touch with us for more information.

Are you a fan of Jimmy Donaldson, a YouTuber? He is known for being Mr. Beast and his incredible videos and giveaways. His giveaways have attracted millions of subscribers. Many subscribers have been tricked by the Beast Promotions Scam. We will be discussing the latest scam in this post. Please read our article to learn how you can avoid falling for this scam.

Mr.Beast Scam

Online sources claim that many Mr.Beast subscribers are receiving pop-up notifications in which they are asked to click the link to get a cash prize. This new scam is being used by hackers to steal bank accounts and personal information. As a giveaway, Mr.Beast YouTuber is asking people to claim $1000 or more. It is a scam.

Are Beast Promotions Legal?

Mr. Beast is a YouTuber that offers many exciting gifts and new offers to his subscribers. His subscribers love to win cash prizes. Online hackers are taking advantage of this, and sending pop-up notifications to almost all of his subscribers. It is not a legitimate offer, we must warn you. Clicking on this link will cause you to lose all of your money.

What is the scam?

First, you will be prompted with a pop-up asking you to click on the notification. After clicking on the Beast Promotions scam link, you will be taken to another misleading website that displays a completely different advertisement. You will be asked to claim your reward by another website. Once you click the button, you will be taken to another website where you can install the software. After you have successfully installed the software, you will need to enter your PayPal email address. You will be asked to enter your PayPal email address and password. Once you have completed these details, hackers will attempt to hack your PayPal account.

The scammers are not connected to Mr.Beast, and they are using his name in order to fool innocent subscribers. Beast Promotions scam must be avoided and you should report the sender immediately. Avoiding such links is better.


This concludes this post. We have informed our readers about the fake advertisement in Mr.Beast. These fake advertisements should not be believed.

Did you receive such a notification? Please comment below to share your thoughts on these scams.

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