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Become an author: making TOP TikTok videos VJump App

If you effortlessly create interesting transitions in videos and are full of ideas on how to make exciting short videos for TikTok, then there’s good news for you. Become an author on the VJump platform and get the opportunity to earn money from your ideas! It’s a quick and best way to unleash your creative potential.

What is VJump?

It is a modern TikTok editing app where people can find suitable templates and easily shoot videos for their social media using it. This speeds up and significantly simplifies the shooting of trendy videos with transitions that often go viral on TikTok or Reels.

In addition to beginner bloggers and video editing enthusiasts, the platform can also be useful for those who create original transitions. They can go to and register on the platform to start earning.

How do authors earn on VJump?

To do this, you need to create an account in the TikTok video editor. You can place links to your social media accounts in it, which other users can click on. This will increase your popularity as a blogger.

Next, you need to follow a few steps:

  1. Create a video with your own transition.
  2. Publish it. 
  3. Wait for the moderator to review the video.
  4. If the review is successful, your work becomes available to other platform users. 

After that, every video author earns a commission for each use of their template.

Who is the VJump app suitable for?

First and foremost, it is suitable for bloggers who enjoy shooting videos and know how to create trends. If you excel in transitions that captivate your audience, then this app allows you to monetize your skill and increase your blog’s audience.

It is also suitable for those who simply enjoy editing TikTok videos but are not interested in developing their own blog. If you want to use your skill for earning money, then this app is suitable for you. It’s not easy to independently find clients who would like to use your template, but on this platform, they find you.

If you are a beginner blogger who wants to grow your audience, then this will be the best  TikTok editing app for you. After all, here you can attract attention, gain more audience, and earn additional income from your creativity.

TikTok is a promising platform for development. It attracts not only individuals looking for entertainment but also various businesses using the platform for promotion. Therefore, many people want to have the skill to edit videos for this social network, and for you as an author, it’s an opportunity!

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