Beginners Guide on Paycheck Stub Template

Whenever an employee gets paid he/she receives a pay stub. A paycheck stubs shows the amount earned for the entire work history as well as immediate work. There are specific pay stub templates used which are widely accepted. A pay stub is an important document that gives an employee information on the salary or wages and benefits of keeping them in the record for tax filing, proof of income, or employment. Paystubs also help employers by creating accurate and timely records of payments.

What is a Pay stub template?

A Pay stub template is an efficient way to create a pay stub that keeps a record of the finances of employees’ payment details for current pay as well as year to the date. Utilizing a reliable paystub template ensures accurate and legitimate financial records that comply with legal and regulatory requirements. The information included in the paystub is:

  • Wages
  • Hours worked
  • Deductions like taxes or insurance
  • Other important details

Printed forms of pay stubs are not widely used these days. More than 95% of the employees are paid electronically and pay stubs can be created using a free pay stub template.

Why should we use the Pay stub template?

  • Pay stub – Pay stubs are useful tools for employees to demonstrate their ability to take on and repay debts as needed. They can occasionally be used as employment proof.
  • Saving time: Pay stub templates can be made once and used often, saving time that would otherwise be spent gathering, sorting, paying, and accounting for payroll each month or pay period from scratch. Users must only amend the form fields with the accurate numbers for each period.
  • Consistency: These templates assist in keeping a company’s accounting and payroll systems organized, consistent, and professional-looking.
  • Gives information for tax filing: For timely tax filing, they give collected payment information for some time.
  • Minimizing bookkeeping mistakes: Pay stub templates gather and standardize all required employee or contract data once and for all, lowering the possibility of oversight and human mistake.

What are the types of Pay stub templates?

Simple Pay stub template for full-time employees

For a small business, you will not need much information on the pay stub. In particular, for this purpose Simple pay stub template is used. It includes information like company name, employee information, payment details, etc.

Company information

  • Name of the business Address and phone number of the business

Name, identification number, and address of the employee

  • Number of your social security card, if any

Paying information

  • It’s the crucial component of the pay stub. While the details may vary from one pay stub to the next, you’ll normally discover:
  • Paid on and when paid
  • Earnings: Gross, net, hourly, and rate of pay
  • Deductions include contributions, state and federal taxes, and allowances.

Here are some sample pay stub templates which can help you and are free.

Self-employed pay stub template

Although having your own business has numerous advantages, you won’t receive biweekly or monthly pay stubs from your employer.

In this situation, a pay stub template explicitly made for self-employed people is helpful because it streamlines tax preparation and enables you to keep track of your income. The company and employee details on your pay stub would be the same since you are technically an independent worker.

Hourly wage pay stub template

This check stub template is meant for hourly employees that work shifts. Besides the normally needed information, it specifies an itemized breakdown of hours worked, overtime compensation, holiday pay, and the hourly rate earned for each shift.

Selecting a Pay Stub Template

You can download a choice of free paycheck stub templates below in Word, Excel, and PDF formats. These printable templates are fully editable, enforceable, and simple to use. The templates range in style and purpose, but they are all prepared for usage in any business situation. Choose the free pay stub template that best suits your requirements by taking into account its appearance, file type, and the data you wish to add. 

  • Company information:  It can comprise the name of the company, its address, and other contact details, as well as the title of a worker’s boss or department. A company logo is an additional option.
  • Information on Employees:  A pay stub may include pertinent employee data like the employee’s name, address, employee ID number, or other specifics.
  • Cheque Number: You can include a cheque number for monitoring and record-keeping purposes.
  • Pay Period: Whether paychecks are distributed weekly, biweekly, or monthly, stating the current pay period provides both employees and employers with clear documentation.
  • Payment Information: By segmenting payments into hourly pay, overtime pay, vacation time, and other disbursements, a pay stub can display quantities as well as the different forms of income produced.
  • Taxes: Taxes, Social Security payments, retirement or healthcare contributions, and any other money the employer withholds from the employee’s gross salary may be included in this section under “Deductions.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What information should be included on a pay stub template?

A pay stub template should have information like employee information, employer information, the dates of the pay period, employee pay rate or amount withdrawn, gross pay, earnings before taxes, deductions, and employee contributions taken out.

Are there any legal requirements for a pay stub template?

Some states necessarily need to provide pay stubs while others can opt-out also.

Where can I find a free pay stub template?

You can find a free pay stub template on On you have multiple options to create pay stubs and these are free templates. To create a new pay stub click the link below.

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